Monday, February 20, 2012

Just a Small Post

Today I did my terror dog task, meeting a new friend named NinjuhJesus. When I walked into that horrible prayer-draining room I was surprised to see someone in there! He was equally surprised to see me there too! We chatted for a bit and continued talking all day. Those are the best!

After that, I had hellhounds. Aww yeah! I got three clues which turned the task into quite a long task but I got such items as a zammy dhide body and white firelighters to keep me happy. No earth-shattering luck today. :P I decided to be different and wear whip/DFS to these two tasks and train shared. I was amazed at how much less I got hit! Terror dogs flew by!

I took a break to watch my dad get his second skiller skill and 11th 99!

Woooo! Gratz farm nub!
99 Farming adds to Herblore, Prayer, Summoning, Mage, Slayer, Str, Att, Range, Def, and HP.
Oh haha the fireworks totally cover me. :P

After that I got dark beasts for the third time in however long it's been since that task I got the D Med. :P A random, naked, lvl 126 or so troll ran in and started totally harrassing me, which was really confusing. I pissed him off by ignoring him. He was a persistent little bugger and even though he died (because he was naked) he came back. Before all that, I discovered that my new friend had irons just across the gate! I saw his dot and we laughed at our proximity. I felt really uncomfortable with that random troll hanging out, even though I couldn't hear him, so the two of us hopped together.

Finally, Lillantra finished her effigy quest and was able to do her dark beast task too! I was really excited, having gotten this third task, and we were able to slay together.

I love her demon wings. They're ultra cute! I have the basic salvation pair (not worn).
The pony is there because of the following story:

So me and Lill were slaying beasts together and I had like 20 left when D1D (Kicker) announced a star in Frem/Lunar. We were tempted but refrained, until he announced that it was a size 9! We were there within three minutes! Big stars always last the least amount of time because of the ants they attract but thankfully I had 61 dust in the bank from a previous star so I was one of the only ones to actually turn in 200. Then, along with most of the miners, we went to the red sandstone or whatever it's called to mine our daily robust glass with the mining bonus. I'm so glad this came out because it's made stars popular again! I got sad soloing them.

So, in the bank, D1D hands me a unicorn stallion pouch and tells me to summon it. Earlier he asked me to rank someone and I didn't know how, nor was I able to because I was in the middle of fighting aggressive dark beasts. I told him they were "trying to ram their unicorn horn up my bum" and that I couldn't open the cc window. After telling me to summon the stallion he said "ram this unicorn horn up the d beast's butt." Haha.

My next task is Spirimages. Yuck. Oh well, I get to have a rune race. For whatever reason I thought I couldn't get those assigned anymore. I predict lotsa dragon boots!

I then shelled out 1.5m and bought some deaths, got on ancients, and took my blue infiniti gear and blue SOL to pest control where I potted up and barraged the living daylights out of everything! I miss the old spell sound but the new sound is equally as satisfying and after stepping in the novice boat on the PC clan chosen world I got 100 pest points before I could even register what was going on! Sooo, free 57k str xp! I should level to 96 before I know it! 99 might not be too far off!

It's way too late now. I'm going to be super tired. =/ Good night!

Until next time...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something Else That Happened

So, after that amazing dark beast task I got gargs and went to go do them. I did get a mystic top but no mauls. Oh well, I'll take it! I also got a clue scroll which I did later aaaaand...

Haha, another black uni mask! This time it's worth 200k instead of 17m. XD
It's sitting in my bank at the mo, having been claimed by someone in Canting.

When that was done I got dusties and spent most of the evening tanking it, like a boss! No chain, but I got a lot of troller vambraces and had fun hanging out in Fat Poison's clan chat.

A ruby on a crimson charm on vambraces (not the actual drop, just hypothetical). Troll.

After that I got desert wyrms and even though it was super late at night I got started on them anyway. The next day (today) I set off to finish them and got an elite clue! It took me all over the world and eventually I opened it to find, among other things, a Zammy page 4!! Woooot, free almost 5m! I finally got back and within a few kills, another elite! I had three separate orbs in the Krazy Jungle among other things and plenty of Guthix Wizards. Upon opening the puzzle casket....
Leg/Skirt ornament kit!! I wasn't too excited but knew that it wold be worth some money. What I wasn't expecting was for it to be worth 7m!!

Happy happy day! 12m richer off two elite clues!

When that task was over I got dark beasts again and was hoping my insanely good luck lately would continue. I started in Kuradal but wanted to hang out with my dad so we went to the mourner dungeon place temple of light troller quest building contraption to kill them there. Yes, I had to go set my crystal to go there. I never did because it took away the one click tele. Now that's not a problem.

I was about to leave as I was out of pray pots and as I went to click the last dark beast, the one I had just killed dropped this:

Dark bow!!!! My first! I freaked out. XD
Excuse the fact that I accidentally turned my pray off and was dying... haha.
I'm just glad you can see it. Those beasts crowd that area up so much... :P

Enjoy this link that not only shows my first black unicorn mask but also the hilarious description that Peeky gives about the dark beast attack. "When they att. they stick out a leg like when a dog takes a piss!" Both are relevant to this post! Kehehe!

BRB, rolling in money and even more luck than ever before! I've got Dalton's luck!


Shield left half! BOOOOM! Something red dropped and I picked it up before it fully registered and I could take a pic. I thought I got a D skirt. This makes shield half #2! See #1 here. :P

I seriously have no clue what's going on. XD

Until next time...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Something That Happened

So there I was, doing my dark beast task, hoping for a dark bow because that would be totally rad. I was bored so I decided to go to Youtube and look up videos of people getting dark bows, visages, stuff like that. One video had this guy who camped KBD for a while and showed him getting 4 d med helms (one with KBD heads!) and a shield left half. Then this happened:Link
Awwww yeahhhhh! My second D Med! Or, I guess, Dragon Helm as it's now apparently called. :P No dark bow on this task but man, I'll take the D Med! Third dragon item in two days!

I'm on a roll! All I need now is a chain or a full helm. :P Too bad my next task is Gargs. Maybe I'll get a spear... XD

Until next time...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Molly Moneybags Musica

Today I once again ragequit a stupid class at school, getting home extra early. I decided to cancel my slayer task of nechryael in hopes that I'd get something good and I got iron dragons! This was a perfectly timed task because I was 20k from a magic level!

Before that, I tried stuff like Livid Farm to level but it got freaking boring! My dad decided to make a bunch of dstone ammies and have me string them which I did. I also decided to go to regspells for a bit and enchant the 192 emerald rings that keep accumulating in my bank. Also, Pikkupstix showed up in Lunar so I did that for once and got fire talismans and iron platebodies for my summoning present. I was the hottest thorny snail in town!

Anyway, I finally got around to setting up my polypore staff from my dad and man is it pro at the metal dragons! No wonder everyone kept telling me to get one! It hits way better than fire wave! I got into my groove and began maging irons, all the while hoping for a visage or at least a clue scroll. I went AFK for like a minute but it was poorly timed because my super antifire wore off and I was wielding a mage book so when I looked back, a weird menu was on the screen. It finally registered that I died but when I saw that I had 10 minutes to go back to Kuradal's party cave I just laughed and took my time getting there. I guess the dragon burnt me past the Fero's ability to tele me out.

Oopsie... :P

I lost Excalibur (ugh, but got it back easily enough) and my dragonslayer gloves. I was sad about that because those come from FOG and it takes a while to get the points to get a pair but they were on their way out anyway and may have broken on their own *wishful thinking*. After collecting my wits again I finished the task without incident, getting 92 Magic at the tail end of it.
Awwww yeahhhh! Halfway to 99!

I ran across the shortcut and went to Kuradal for a new task. She gave me 50-something steels. Haha, I still had plenty of antifire and polypore charges so I turned right around and made myself comfy at steels. Yay, that many more chances for a visage! I didn't get one, but this task didn't disappoint!

First, I was getting bored of nothing but coins and charms so I PM'd my dad saying "visage". When he asked if I was serious I said "N0pe, chuck testa" I heard him then get up to actually walk into my room and right before he opened the door the dragon I was maging died and.....

Draconic leggies! Woot, my first pair!

Some time later I got a court summons.... for Party Pete! Woohoo! In 8 days I can finally own that cool afro! I guess since I was one of the first people to get Faint they left the cool afro for last. I'm not sure how many court cases I have left but I was so excited to finally get this one! I kept slaying, hoping for a visage or a clue scroll (didn't get either) when.....

Draconic skirt! Two dragon items in one task!!

I was quite pleased with that task. Skirts have gone up and both sold for somewhere around 170k. Woot! I also got a loop from irons and toof from steels and got 2 diamonds and 2 rubies from the chest. I'm rich! My next task is dark beasts. Dark bow, plox? Just to say I've gotten one?

I believe this makes 3 skirts, one legs, one med, and 2 or 3 court summons from steels. Happy dance!

Brb, rolling in luck!

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sixth Cape

I've been going hard at Pest Control since Saturday in hopes of chopping off a huge amount of the 600k or so XP I had to 99 Hitpoints. After a couple hundred points in the novice boat (really fast games) I realized that this would be a great time to pull out my new crystal bow! Anything that has ammo that doesn't make a mess is perfect with me!

I've already had to recharge it once and it got to 5/10 again before I went and paid half to recharge it again. Such an expensive little bow but before long it'll be pocket change to charge it up. I love it!

I mainly got out the bow because I was 9k to a range level but I ended up using it wayyy beyond getting 83 Ranged!

My outfit was pretty pro too! Heraldic cape, flippers, dhide, green chompy hat, gnome ammy. I kill things in style!

Pro Pwnage!

I met a new friend there named NineOneFive and we had a lot of fun being silly in PC games. Today, I decided to try out the thing where someone stands and says "trade for 120+" and when I got to whatever world they handed out it was actually really good! The veteran boat games are just as fast and although there are more bumps along the way the points roll in way faster. With this news I realized 99 Hitpoints was tangible TODAY...

After spending 4 days at Pest Control and 708 Pest Points later...

99 Hitpoints joins my list of 99's! I also got 133 combat! Woooot!

Pretty ironic I got the heart cape on Valentine's Day. I totally didn't plan it that way!

Thanks to the three peeps from Canting who went! I believe they were Jake Adex, Jack Li, and MAD_MANKAY. My dad was also there but I pulled him away from Valentine's dinner to kill him for 99 but he went AFK before I leveled so when I killed him he just sat around so I started throwing my blade around and I'm not sure who I actually killed for it. XD I was in a huge hurry and wasn't as attentive as I shoulda been, as I was leaving for dinner with my fiance right after that. I got my cape alone and after I emoted I promptly took it off. :L

Woot! I think I'll call this cape my Ironic Cape forever!

Until Next Time...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Granite, Stars, Court, Funnies

After my horrible night lab on Wednesday, in which I learned all about such rocks as Granite and Obsidian (and only barely refrained from saying OMGR00nscape!) I got on to do some of my garg task. Granite was on my mind... I got a maul on my first kill. Heh. Granite.

Later I got a mystic top too:

Today I decided to kill some time by doing some random stuff that I'd been putting off like some farming, spinning flax, etc. Among those things was doing my court case. I've had it for weeks but just now got around to it. It was pretty uneventful but man did I look sexy in court!


I won, getting me a yummy humble pie! Yay pie! Yay rc xp!

With 12k till 82 RC, and totally not in the mood for some rh00nkreftin, I was wondering if anything gives an xp reward. Derp, penguins! So, after doing some PP and a star with D1D I did the week's penguins and ended up with 20 Penguin Points (I don't regularly do pengs so I have various points) and got over 40k xp, pushing me well over what I needed to level. Woot!

82 Runecrafting! Maybe I should run astrals... or break down and fill my bank with junk so I can do ZMI.

I leave with you two funnies:

Self explanatory, Elias made a Bat Typo. XD

Hanging out with Elias at a star earlier at Varrock East, showing Lillantra my new outfit. I love my new hair and accidentally made a pun. XD

That's all! I'm super exhausted and I'm so glad I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Molly Makeover

Today, though I wasn't fully ready, I realized now was as good of a time as ever to change up my outfit again. I've wanted a cape in these colors for a long time and finally made it work!

Here's the before, in my Terabi outfit:


Top to bottom: Royal Crown, lapis brooch, blue pirate top, special Terabi-edition blue Heraldic cape, Karamja Gloves 3, infiniti bottoms (dyed water), flippers, Tome of Frost, SOL dyed blue. It was a sweet outfit!

Here's me in my new Molly Riedlore outfit!

Lookin reeeeeal good!

Top to bottom: Royal Crown, lapis brooch, Deathcon Tshirt, Crimson-Lime edition Heraldic cape, Karamja Gloves 3, agile legs, flippers, Book of Balance, Christmas Wand. I love it so much! I also changed up my hair mainly for a change but also to turn it black and look more like Molly Riedlore. I might swap out the wand for something else because it has a left click spec which is really irritating when doing things like banking or clicking on stars because it hits people instead. If only I could wield an oboe! LOL

Speaking of Molly Riedlore... I really need to do a spotlight on her so I can link her name up with something to read!

Anyway, today the flasks came out. I immediately went to the mine and got a lot of double ore. I thought it was supposed to work like that until I noticed I had 53 in my bank and it hadn't told me I reached the cap. Turns out the star sprite double mining works on this new rock!

For once I was able to take full advantage of first-day frenzy!

Put in to sell for 170k... sold for 1.1m! XD

Even better, it resets at GMT midnight so only a few hours after I sold my first 68 flasks I did another star and again mined it getting 70 that time. They started to crash by then but I still got 900k for 70 when they were put in for like... 180k maybe. Raking in the millz! I think I'll mine it after a star every time I get on. Then use the flasks for myself now that their novelty has worn off.

In other random news since my last post...

I got 94 Str! Yay! Congratulating me was a nice guy named wetwaters who was going for 99 def and agil, like me! Hehe :-)

Not pictured was me getting 91 Slayer on the same task. Also, I got a couple clues and got decent stuff. All noted fish I got was greatly appreciated. :-)

I found a kingly imp when I happened to recharge my combat bracelet and skillz necklaces. I can't catch or boost to catch so I called D1D (Kicker) over and he netted it and gave me 250k for it. :P

I got a clue scroll from an evil oak tree and got a beret! I was happy. I then bought a blue one and a highwayman mask for my house. And cleaned my kingdom and made brews to fund me getting a Guthix Bow, which has finally gone to 2m from 3m. I'm the bow queen now apparently. I have so many (dark, crystal, Guthix, and who knows what else) even though I never range. XD

Finally, I was in the GE when a girl glitched into a squat waddled her way through. I wish I had hypercam installed on here because I wanted so badly to take a movie! It was hilarious! It looked like an invisible horse! Only after I snapped the pic and someone said something did I realize that the girl also has a full beard. [/nightmare] I also didn't realize until I took the pic that a second squatty guy was behind her.

Well, that's all for now! I'm so close to 82 RC but it's going slower than ever before. Thank you effigies! Just about 14k to go.... *dies*

Until next time...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Of Annoying Clues

I've been on a mission for the past two days to put myself through torture and do loads of easy and medium clues. They're proving to be a royal pain in the behind with all the emote clues I keep getting and my often failed attempts to self sufficiently obtain the necessary crap. However, they're still fun! One day I'll strike it rich and maybe not waste a ton of time getting stupid items to do it!

It started with picking some HAM last night after an evil tree in Lum. I wasn't getting any clues at all and soon my inventory filled up. I just kept picking, letting everything drop on the ground, hoping to spot a clue scroll in the pile. After a hefty amount of picking I right clicked to see what I got... and three clue scrolls lay in the pile! XD I picked them up and read them one by one, picking the one that didn't start with an emote clue to do first. It ended up being frustrating and several steps long, but I got a Bob shirt!!

They go in the GE for 15k! I knew nobody was going to buy it at that price and I'd be lucky if I got a coin for it but I already have a full collection in my house and didn't want to drop it on the GE floor so I put it in for 1 gp and sold it for like 2200. Someone's collection or character is happy! Oh, speaking of price, I finally remembered to check the price of a royal crown. When I saw that they were 150k, my jaw dropped! Needless to say, I now have a Royal Crown. Heh. :D

Tonight amidst some stars and evil trees, I decided that I wanted level 2 clues now so I geared up in the most random while somewhat appropriate harpie bug squashing gear I could find in my bank and headed off as the most fashion-forward chick of Canting. XD

I brought an extreme Str which aided me in one-hitting them. I remember camping at them in the day when it took forever to kill them. Now I can just pwn like that one girl I saw like 4 years ago who hit 25's (250's) with her abyssal whip like it was nothing at all.

While killing them I remembered Jogres also give lvl 2 clues, though IIRC not nearly as often as harpies. That led to this humorous exchange which happened to fall into the same screenie as the cool action shot above. :P

Levi is back and as awesome as ever with his amazing remarks. I'm sure a person or two of mine has humor based off his. :P

Before long I got a clue scroll and was off on the most irritating adventure of the year. I had to get a blue pointy snelm. I used to have one, but I threw it out because the red one looks so much better and I hadn't done a lvl 2 clue in forever. Plus, I knew where to get one. Of course, I bought the wrong one which sold right away on the GE and by the time I realized it (after I was emoting of course) I went to go buy the right one. Well, it wouldn't sell so I thought no problem I'll go to Morytania. Well let me tell you..... it took me like half an hour to find one freaking bruise blue pointy snail! They seem to be super rare in the swamp of dead and when I finally did find a blue one it was the wrong kind. I was about ready to kill everything in Runescape but I FINALLY found one and life was good. Apparently then Saba has changed his name and so I couldn't find the cave where he hangs out. Once that was sorted, another emote clue! Everything bought and I was on my way to the observatory where I wound my way through the maze and walked away with addy bolts, an addy pl8, and Guthix arrows. Rage. I'm totally doing more clues later! Plus, with more bank space I can just leave that crap in the bank for a while!

Happy scrollin!

Until next time...