Thursday, November 25, 2010

Epic Upon Epic Luck

Holy crap. Today was... absolutely epic. Backing up to yesterday, I spent most of the day in LRC mining, getting ever closer to 92. I was initially freaked out by the barrage of messages I got with the task update, which was buried beneath like 5 pieces of RS news so I didn't see it. I thought the missing icon was my spellbook and began to panic but then I learned they just consolidated the objective button. Heh that thing didn't last long...

I then decided that it would be fun to camp at abby demons some more so I went to my little spot in the alternate abyss and began slicing away. Nihil-ist (I WillNotKey) was on a legit demon task and got a whip! Of course, I couldn't resist a little Pie-friendly trolling:

I even included the still of me blocking a demon spec. :D

This morning I went back there in search of clues, effigies, xp, and whips. I even brought my compy out so I could watch the dog show and camp at the same time. XD I was in mid sentence telling my dad to pull up his compy and kill things with me when this drop met my eyes. I knew right what it was and although I didn't get the same excitement as I would have if I didn't initially know what it was, I got very excited for a different reason:


Wheeee!! My first shield left half!! I have just advanced a degree into Non-Noobness! Everyone who's been playing as long as I have has gotten a D Med, D Spear, and Shield Left Half! Finally I can check off another goal!! I got the D Med and thanks to Vyre chests I got several spears and now finally I got my own left half!!!!

Eeeee there it is!! Happy happy!!!

I eventually set off to do my blue dragon task but really, REALLY didn't want to do it so I made the decision to cancel it. I have 2k points, I can do whatever I want now! In its place I got 200+ Hellhounds. Yeahhhhh baby!!!

Before setting off, Lillantra alerted Canting to an amusing glitch with the GE page. A ton of the objects were glitched and replaced with wire frame. There were many objects turned into jumbles of lines. A few of them looked pretty good. Brandy looked especially funny but my personal favorite was the cup of tea which still maintained its shape but looked great in the graphical skeleton:

There's even the brown wire for the tea itself, visible if you look closely! :D

Well, Hellhounds sure didn't disappoint and among the time I was at my task I got 4 clue scrolls and immediately did them as they came because I was in a huge scrollin mood. Nothing too good although I got 2 rune bodies and in my last few I got loads of cooked fish. Yay, less cooking xp for me to have to get!

After my task ended I got nechs, which I promptly canceled because they lag me so bad I can't do anything. She then gave me 98 Junglywyyrms. Yeah baby! I'll take that! Chance of elite!! I was doing great and got a clue almost right away but it was a lvl 3 so I ran off, yip still in tow, and did it.

With some new graphics change my graphics settings got reset to high, high detail. Suddenly I have shadows, high graphic water, and.... roofs are not removed. I discovered by accident that the roof of the lighthouse is red. Who knew!

It looks like a giant mushroom! XD

That was the reward I got loads of lobs and sharks on. Happy happy!! I then returned to Junglywyyrms in hopes of an elite and then I got the drop of drops. Without missing a beat I picked it up, not even getting excited, and then saw what it was, dropped it, and took a picture. XD


I couldn't believe it! My luck was turning!! A Shield Left Half? 5 lvl 3 clues?? Now a Hex!!! My first hex too!! Woop woop!!! It's only like 100k so if someone wants one I'll gladly give it to them. ;-)

After a while I got another clue scroll! With wishing eyes I right clicked it and....


Wooooot!!! It was already 2am so I decided to hold off on solving it until I got some sleep so that I could focus on the puzzles and filming, and have patience. :P The first thing to greet me tomorrow is a scan orb in the Haunted Woods. Woop woop!

I finished off my task and logged for the night. That was the most epic Thanksgiving day ever! I leave with you some random pics of things:

First, Kayla, who made a fake facebook page, posted a status for apparently the first time and FB wasted no time in totally rubbing that fact in:

I also hid her "last name" and pic just in case she didn't want random ppl adding her. :P

Next, this isn't really funny, but it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :3

I'm a master of tongues :-)

Finally, here is my epic list of the things I accomplished today. I am totally satisfied!

Here's to a good elite reward tomorrow. Cmon, wreath! Anything but just pots and meerkat pouches. XD

Until next time...

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