Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Funnies

Bleh, went farming today and stuff... Nothing really too interesting today... although when I ran to the GE I got req assisted by 2 people randomly... I guess that's the price to pay for wearing a craftypants cape, a lifetime of unprovoked effigy solicitation! XD I thanked them for the ranks, lol. :P

I managed to get two funnies today, both dealing with one of the most prominent figures of Canting, Zachary (currently known as Rwarrrrrrr). First, with a silly explanation of what TD means, he sets himself up for a zing by Knightpiss:

Then later, he accidentally started and ended a sentence with the subject which of course provoked much poking fun:

Well I got a big quiz tomorrow which involves me memorizing songs enough to recognize them and write down the title and composer so I'd better go listen to some Mozart and Haydn now. Good night all!

Until next time...

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