Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Lottery

I won it.

Today, I was harvesting my patches for my farmy stones. I had planted 5 toadies and was set to plant a torstol, 3 kwuarm, and a cadantine that I got from Nechryael. I have no idea how it happened but.... I got my seed back on all 5 patches. !!!@!@! I picked the first one and saw the seed. Then, the next one and another seed. The third patch was dead so I knew the chances of getting a seed were pretty slim but sure enough a seed appeared in my inventory that wasn't any of the seeds I had...

It was a torstol.

WOOOOOOT!!! *Happy dance!* I then went on to get toadflax seeds back from my last two patches. Holy goodness what is going on!! This rocks!!! I'm about to make a ton of moneyyyyy!!!! :D:D

Not much else going on... I finally get a holiday and have next week off. Woot! Then I can sit down and actually level stuff!

Until next time...

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