Friday, November 26, 2010

Elite Clue and Pie

Today I did my Elite task and got it all filmed up! I got exactly the reward I was hopng not to get! Oh well, I'm happy about the palm and yew, and satisfied with the Nardah teles. It was loads of fun and no wildy involved!

When I was doing the Krazy Jungle one my clue ended up being in the new Herblore Habitat area. Having not been there yet I didn't even know if it required money to get in or if I could access my clue. Luckily there were people running around so I knew it was accessible so, feeling like a total noob, I let out a cry for help and asked if it cost money to get in there. A very nice player named Frings kindly told me how to get into HH and that all I had to do was climb. Woot, easy clue and crisis averted! Also in the vid was someone named R3VOLUTIONz who kindly joked around with me. When I got to the bank he was spam emote crying so I joined in and got a 3rd person to also join. We then went back to HH together because my compass pointed that way. It ended up being in the desert and you could tell.

I have been slowly getting myself to work on this paper but it's not going anywhere fast, although I did find a good book. Now I just have to read all these books and find where it talks about my piece and I should be good to go. When I was doing that, I set down my pumpkin pie on the arm of my futon because I was too full to eat it (haha) and Eenie started to eat it! It was a perfect sequel to "Eenie Eats My Pizza!!" from summer! Here it is for all you cuteness lovers out there:

Good night all!

Until next time...

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