Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blast Box

Today I did some agility with Yana and then we did some falconry together until she went to bed. We both got 1 stone! Woot! She also got 83 agility! :o I totally remember when I got 83. That's why I love having a blog! Huuuuge gratzy to Tanya!! She's well on her way to the agile top! :D

I also did lots and lots of Rhoonkreftin on Jeffrey Peak, chipping away on those levels until finally I could wield the box. After what felt like FOREVER with all the walking, I was 11 xp off so I sold all 800+ of my body runes I made, bought a couple pieces of ess, and went to the air altar to get it. I then bought some minds from Aubury and maged men nearby until I got that last 300 xp till 30 mage.

I love doing opposites like this and tonight this one made me laugh like mad IRL. XD

With my newfound levels I teled to Heim and took a picture to show me wielding my lovely tool:

Of course, I can only fill it with chaos or deaths and, of course, chaos don't happen till 35 rc. Hey, at least I can make em here freeplay! I think I'll do the slippery ice yeti quest for a lamp and maybe quest a bit and get the explorer's ring so that I can put that xp on RC and make it go up faster. I was lucky and got chaos runes as a drop so I was able to play with it after all, pwning things with water spells. It's so lame... I can only make water staffs in freeplay dunj, even though it doesn't really specify members only on the other ones. So, I'm doomed to cast water spells until I go c1 and get a fire or earth staff but I am enjoying the bigger splash and bigger hits! I got a lvl 8 bloodchiller and hit a couple 90's on it. Pwnt it in 4 hits. Woot! I love being a mage!

Now to work on the lvl 4 att and str I have... I think I'll play FOG for that and for some rc gloves!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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