Saturday, November 27, 2010


is eating up all my time. Almost finished with that paper!! Roll on, Monday!

Yesterday I did my garg task, meeting and chatting with two nice guys there who happened to be wearing identical outfits of Bandos, d boots, fire capes, whips, defenders, and slayer helms. XD It was fun, and of course they commented on my flippers. We enjoyed chatting about everything from dry tasks to agility. I got a clue which I did and got another dark Cavalier! I offered it to anyone in Canting at the time and sold it to Orix. Solar was willing to buy the willow comp bow that I got so we hopped to freeplay so I could give it to him. We had a great time chatting with fellow peeps in Varrock West Bank and doing emotes.

I have a desert task now! Woooot! More chances for an elite! I did some of it today to take a break from my paper and got a clue scroll, which I went and did. 4/5 were coords, with two being the same one on Trollheim. My last stop was the Yanille map and I got typical loot and Misc teles, which I am very happy about as I ran out.

I got sick Thanksgiving night with a cold and now have that awful stuffy and runny nose, painful jaw, glazed eyes, thick head, and I just can't stop sneezing! Luckily I seem to be on the mend already so I think I'll be ok in a day or two. Blehhhhhh it sucks not feeling well...

I want this paper to be done!!! Only a page and a half left to ramble on and then I have to figure out how to do my references page and I'll be DONE!!!! Then I can get started on my Chinese essay due Monday...

Good night all!

Until next time...

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