Saturday, November 6, 2010

Eventful Day

What a day! This morning started off super early with a recording session that was totally pointless because we didn't have enough time and people weren't thinking and so there were mistakes everywhere...... *breathe* and we didn't even get all the way through a bunch of pieces. Oh well, it was a dress rehearsal nonetheless and all I got left is the concert tomorrow before I'm done with concerts for a bit.

Sooooo... when I got back I canceled my wyvern task and got desert wyrms!! Clue pl0x!

Here I am defending myself from the boy part which is a desert wyrm...

I got a clue drop on the very last one, but it was a lvl 3. It was ok though because I got a court summons! I prosecuted Leo just for the sake of attack xp and got 9k and a mystery box. Inside were oak planks. Wooot! While I was killing them I got pwned by their burrowing because my reaction time sucks. Then I said something funny and got a good laugh:

Wow I didn't run out of the way far enough. Minus 300 points from Griffindor. *Harry kills Voldemort. 500 points to Griffindor!* Snape looks kind of like Oja Diamond. 1000 points to Ravenclaw. Hehe. :P

I got an effigy last night when I was camping at abby demons for fun and was able to do 3/4 parts! First I got 91 wc so I tried and failed to buy an axeman folly since I have 90. I ended up buying a keg of the stuff for way more but hey I had just sold 10k maples for 500k so I could spare the 13k. Then I got 93 mining so I sipped some of my mature stout and then I got 95 cooking. It ended with 97 con but just my luck, Merchy logged in and I was able to go to her house and get my lamp! She had to sip like 5 teas to do it fast enough too, lol.

Also there was Xx who was also after a con effigy and his next one was craft so I gladly did it for him. He then got 97 cooking and so I broke down and let him req me and I unblocked cooking. It was only 5k xp and I don't have to worry about craft anymore so it was fine. :P I used my lamp on Herby getting me 1k till. Much later I threw together some potions and out of desperation started cleaning a pile of harralander and finally, I got 82 Herblore!!!

Yay! Pee plus plus time!!

My next task was iron dragons so I got to work and met some nice chatty people including Crib Boy1. We had fun maging together. Hehe. I got an effigy from them too and stayed until I ran out of airs, since I brought all the bloods I had and bought the airs for it. It was 91 farm so I nommed a pie then 93 herby so I got my dad to assist me (which is when I also got 82 herb), 95 cooking again, and 97 con again. Peeky's on it and hopefully I'll have another lamp tomorrow to use on something. Heh heh!

I did a farm run with all the seeds I got from wyrms and ran right into a fresh-from-the-ground sapling. It was a tiny thing that could have easily been overlooked so I clicked on it and after getting over 600 farm xp realized it was an elder! So, I grabbed my tools and chopped at it for what felt like forever, getting a clue scroll which was nice and easy. I also did some dunjuneering on Jeffrey Peak, because yesterday I got a blast box drop which I bound (it binds as ammo) and oooops I need 30 rc and magic and dunj to wield it. So, I am busy getting 30 Dunj before mining a crapload of ess to then make airs with. Magic won't be hard to get to 30 as I have 27 already. Woot!

I leave you with this picture of me catching a pumpguin. They're so cute that it doesn't matter that they totally blew their cover. XD

Notice my flipper. XD

Yay, we get off of daylight savings time tomorrow and will be on legit time now! Free hour!! Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. another good message is the ferret puzzle: "you have a hilarious fishing accident that you'll one day tell your grandchildren about." and also: "you somehow manage to burn the fish so badly there is nothing left of it."