Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day of Epic

Today was pretty epic with some epic stories to share. First, here are some pics. Peekyface got 99 Defence! Eeee now his cute little bearded face is peeking from a Defence hood! :3

M0t3 pl0x!

The beard. It is peeking. Hence Peekyface! :D

OK story #1. I was heading off to Bork and right at the portal to Bork was a grave so I blessed it because it's the right thing to do. Not wanting to waste my efforts of getting there, I went after Bork with 24 prayer points. Miraculously, my attack decided to actually be 96 and not 5 and I got several good 200's in a row on him and got him to half at 15 and... dun dun dun!! I pwnt him with 1 pray point to spare! Booyah!!! I had plenty of food if I had to take his melee but hehehehehe I didn't have to! XD

Story #2. I did the circus because woot it reset! I just did it like 2 days ago. I guess I missed it when it changed last time. With 11k until 82 ranged I did the range first hoping I wouldn't fail anything. Well, for the first time that I can remember I didn't fail a single shot! Hellooooo 82 ranged!

I then did the magic and agility parts and holy crap!! For the first time EVER I did them all perfectly! It was amazing! No magic splashes and no crotch shots to the tightrope! Woop woop! I felt sooo good after that! I left the circus with almost 50k xp earned in 5 minutes.

Story #3. This one took place earlier at school. My friend got on his lappy behind me and saw my dad on his and asked him to do his herblore effigy. Hehe RL ppl that get together and play RS ftw!!! He then had like 93 rc so I directed him to Heim and before long he was tapping mu shoulder with a 97 crafting effigy. Bring it on baby! I was at my house failing to get con rocks so he dropped by and I got phr33 cr4ft xp! Why is this story so cool? Because I hopped from 12k to 10.5k craft rank in like 4 days. Woot! He got an herblore level and like 1200 total from his dragonkin lamp so it was win-win all round! :D

Story #4. I was standing in Seers bank not doing anything while I was setting up a twitter account for my other blog. I was talking in chat and accidentally typed . and not / so my message showed in public. Later, in Catherby when I was farming, someone did the same thing. I don't remember what she even said (something like ".Darkness!") but I replied wittily with something like ".Is everywhere!" Luckily she got the wit and laughed. It must be the Seers disease, where we miss the slash key. XD

Story #5. Peeky got 99 Defence! I was the only one there and he got it with some SW points. Someone else also got a 99 right before him and I thought it was him so I made a joke that he farted. Yeah, me and Peeky are cool like that. XD We then went to Lum for the cape and to have a little fun, but that story's at the top of my blog and therefore already read. XD

Good night all!

Until next time...

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