Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Memory

She was not very well-known in Canting, but she sure had a story to tell. She met Kayla, who introduced her to Runescape where she landed in Lumbridge as Luos Rebbur. Her name was Kieryn and she was on the younger end of Runescapians, just starting her teenage years, but something was different about her. She was mature beyond her years.

Kieryn had cancer, brain cancer in fact. She had already had at least one brain surgery when I first took her under my wing and showed her around freeplay, but that didn't stop her from trying out this new game and quickly gaining the love of many. She was hardly on, because her treatments caused her to be very sick a lot of the time and she spent lots of time in the hospital, but when she was on she was so full of excitement. She loved the game and enjoyed talking to us, especially Kayla, Fred, and Zach. Just a week ago I heard she was doing great, despite the fact that things were not going very well and that her family had decided not to do much further treatment.

She died yesterday.

She went in for what would seem to be just another radiation treatment but took a turn for the worse and before we could wrap our minds around it she was gone.

However, I am at peace knowing that she no longer struggles to breathe or has to worry about chemo and radiation. I personally see death as a new beginning and something beautiful. I have lost my aunt to cancer and cancer has stirred the lives of many around me. I miss Kieryn very much and am so sad that I will not get to talk to her or read her happy words in Canting again but I am so happy that even the small memories I have are good. She was such an influence and an amazing and courageous young woman. I will always remember her fondly as the girl who enjoyed fishing on the banks of the River Lum and cutting trees by the old gnomecopters. :-)

Rest in peace, Kieryn! You were truly an inspiration and one of a kind!


Avicile Mohaili

Until we meet again...