Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Of 11 Keys and Randomness

Forgot to post yesterday... So, here we go!

Yesterday I was just piddling around and whatnot and ended up smiffin all my ores, where the following amusing exchange took place:

Stop reqing me cuz I have a craft cape on! It's like slapping my butt without asking!

After that I ended up in Varrock West Bank with Chocobo who kept me company while I smiffed all of my fresh off the press mithril and addy bars into bolts. :3 I then painstakingly feathered all 1500+ of them and set off putting bolt tips on them. I deiced that now would be as good as ever time to enchant them so I prepared for the awful task of clicking a million times to enchant. I was about to right click and lament about how there should be an "enchant 10" option there... and there was!!! Woooot!! I don't know when that came out but it made me much happier and before I knew it all my bolts were enchanted up!

I had plenty of gems because I had decided to go to Goraks for fun. I even bought a wealth to try for some 'toof halfs.' Good fight, I got 2 loops, bringing my total to... 11. Sigh.

Anyways as I was hanging out with Chocobo a nice and obviously very wealthy guy named Sir Sk8 who was an agile brother ran up to me, emoting his cape. He then traded me and randomly lent me a green h'ween mask for 12 hours!! He had a blue one on himself and who knows what else... :o

Me, Sir Sk8, and Chocobo

Later in the evening I took Jeffrey Peak to FOG but I always end up frustrated because I always get paired with people well over twice my level. I always say I won't do this but I swore revenge and got on Pie, bought those nooby blue wiz robes that every free mage has, assembled a convincing freeplay outfit, and made my way to the arena where... I continued to get pwned by people with an even higher level than me. -.- My outfit was amazing though and I was very proud:

Eat it up, baby. Blue wiz robes, a green team cape, ammy of power, flippers (of course!), addy 2h, and the h'ween mask from Sir Sk8. XD I was able to get the tokens I needed for new dslayer gloves so at least I had a purpose!

Sooooooo... Today I piddled around some more, avoiding my big history paper. :P Eventually I stumbled upon a sap in Varrock and upon killing that evil oak I was finally, FINALLY rewarded with a Toof Half!!! I excitedly went to the GE where, after selling large stocks of hoards, had enough cash to buy 10 more and unite all 11 of my loops. Woot! I then took my 11 crystal keys and a Birdo down to Taverly where I got the following loot:

Not bad! I also ended up with another Toof Half! I'm ahead! Not pictured is one chest of like 50 of every rune. Those are in Birdo as it takes up 12 spaces. I now have 11 more glories, bringing me up to like 37. When they get merched again or I need some quick cash I'll sell a bunch. I only really need 28. :P

I then decided to do some RCing but ragequit fairly quickly after seeing the lack of xp. I am so spoilt by agility and its quickness of xp! I then decided to pay Tanya a visit at Gnomey and carefully disguised myself as some bones. Hehehe I have a double skull!

Aqua and Raven ended up dropping by as well and we all got our agile stones together. :-)

While the girlies were both watching, I tagged my palm outside the arena and finally got 91 farmy!!! Helloooooo 91 and 93 effigies!!! :D


Funny story... I got an agile rock early on and then didn't get another one the whole time I was running with them so I assumed I already got it and it was in my rock bag. When I logged in several hours later I was planning to finish my lap and then go turn in my pair and wouldn't ya know as soon as I slid down that pipe I got it! Glad I didn't leave... :P I broke 15.6m xp today!

I was in the mood for a star so I scoped a Karamja one but had just enough time to squeeze in a quick game of SC. I had 16 points and was hoping for 24 so I could have 40 and get 2 tools but I knew it would be a stretch. I got lucky and didn't get attacked at all and got a nice high score and got 24 points! Woot! I now have 2 hammers with which to do con tomorrow. :D

I then scoped up that star and it fell almost right away. I scrambled, checking everything and it fell in Crandor which is the last place I look. I got there pretty late but it was deserted. I got the tag and began lonely mining the s4 star. I didn't want a repeat of my last solo star so I desperately called upon the few peeps in Canting to come help me mine it. Lillantra, Tiz, and then Ultralisk all came and we had a nice Canting star. :-)

After it was over I went to Edgy and so did Ultra so we had fun comparing 99's and just chatting with peeps in the bank. I leave with you a picture of my latest outfit for goldsmiffin use:

That's Ultralisk behind me. :P

Good night all! I wonder what sort of things will happen tomorrow... :-)

Until next time...

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  1. Lawl i already had my agile stones....