Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post 200 Brings Epic Solo

Woot woot it's my 200th post! What better way to celebrate than by doing something amazingly epic!

First off, while at an evil mage tree (thanks Levi!!) I saw this lovely bearheaded guy:

He's the one sitting down, with the gnome scarf and white robes. His name was iChoPWooDx and he was like 19k from 99 wc. He decided to get it after the tree! He got some of his friends and anyone who wanted to could go watch:

He got his lovely level and here he is with his new cape! :D

Today I did some farm runs and couldn't play till late because I had another transcription project to do. It went really fast, mainly because we were allowed to use the computers this time! :P Anyways I scoped a star, desert, in 10 minutes and got all my gear and went off to truly solo it. Well, I finally found it, untouched, in Uzer and got finders on the size 6 beast.

The most amazing part about this star was the fact that in the two hours I spent mining it (it disappeared when the new star fell, bummer I was so close to done, it was about half thru size 1!) nobody else showed up. Yes, that's right, I got a size 6 star ALL TO MYSELF!!! I got a whopping 59,796 xp off of it!!! I am like 337k till 90 mining now! Epiiicccc!! And of course, I had to document it on video. Enjoy!

The music was wildly appropriate. :P I approve! :-)

Before I go I leave you with this really funny conversation in Canting while I was at the star:

If anyone wants to see that vid I mention in the last few lines it can be seen here. :P I love names more than anything!

Well I have to perform tomorrow so I better get some beauty sleep. Good night all!

Until next time...

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