Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Beam of Light Will Fill Your Head

...and you'll remember what's been said...

I found this song today and I can't stop listening!!!!! Once I find a song I like I'll listen to it like 50 times in a row. Plus, it has words so I can sing it to people!! :D I wanna use it in a RSMV now! :D

Anyways today I didn't play a whole lot... just long enough to do a farm run and then do a round of grenwalls and planting all my good trees. I saw "P l o o w" at the farm patch and promptly glomped her. She had no idea who I was! XD She is I believe the event coordinator for W46ATAT and is ranked 19th in agility. Ownage!

I was part of this wonderful conversation this morning... :P

Not long after I started grenwalling my friend Dalton told me to check his adventure log. After I did and OMG'd at what he got as a drop he msn'd me this picture he took:

Congratz Dalton!!!!!!

While hunting grenwalls (in Piespeak they are Lochgrens) one crawled into my trap to hide and it was cute so I took a pic:

On the way out I took two very artsy, agility-type pictures of me climbing through the dense forest. I thought they turned out pretty neat!

Man I love that agile cape so much... Such perfect colors! And perfect emote!

Well I'm off to bed... Lots to do tomorrow... Luckily after Saturday I will be mostly done with the rush of recitals and all. Goodnight!

Until next time...

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