Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fourteen Million- Tie Kuo Mil :)

Today I decided to do my dragon task, by golly! I borrowed my dad's BCP and got a taste of how hawt I'll be!! :D

Woooot!! I'm a big girl now!! I now look like Kitty Molly when she inspired me with her slayer look! Woop woop!!

I set off for Kuradal's Clubhouse and plowed my way through my task. I got drill demon'd sometime along the way and he had me jog like 4 times in a row. He thinks I'm fat! D:

Anyways I was training defensive style. Why, you ask? This is why!!

(LOL Ran out of space so close to that target number!)

Woooooot!!! I broke 14m defence xp!!!!

There is it, all down and pretty on my adventure log!!!! :D (Why do I look so pissed off in my picture? LOL!)

After that task was all done I got 86 Suqahs. Woot! I've never had them as a task before and had enough time left on the BCP that I went right ahead and pwned them!

I called upon Talon to help me and he did great! He was pwning hard! After he left I got out a moss titan and continued the slaying. My dad even showed up and we lootshared them while he re-loaned me his BCP until logout. The best part about lootshare was neither of us got hides or teeth as drops so it made is much cleaner. I banked all the big bones and all of the marrentill and guam they dropped. I ended up getting a lot of xp from them! :D

I then returned to Kuradal and have 69 wyverns. Woot! I've never had them before! This will be fun! I have killed two before (one for the Falador task and one for the bone for Fur N Seek). Good thing I have a DFS! That'll be 70 chances for a visage!

After I got my task I did that clue scroll that I kept forgetting about. I got some chaos runes, cooked trout, and 5 red firelighters. Not bad! I use trout for cooking stones and save the cooked ones to eat whilst pping for my stones for the week. I then set off for my house and used all my dragon and big bones on my gilded altar. No prayer level but I am about 20k away from 75. Woot!

I ended the day by hanging out at the GE emoting with a bunch of other people there. There were like 6 range capers trying to synch up but a ton of us came and did our own emotes. It was a great time and after a while Cossack came by and we did all the promotional (holiday) emotes over and over again until we all sort of left at once. Fun!

I leave with you two funnies from today:

Me in shock over somi's dunj level... His xp goes zoom zoom!

This next one is a funny glitch when loading my house. Look, my list is full of the same song!!

By the way, Soundscape is so totally my new favorite song! It's right up there with Back to Life!! If you haven't, you should listen to it! I wish there was still a loop button so I could just listen to Soundscape for hours!

Well I better be off, I am just rambling on... Good night everyone!

Until next time...


  1. You don't look pissed. You just look really really focused :)

  2. nah, she looks like she is giving everyone the death look, lol