Saturday, April 24, 2010

Freezy Bones

Today I was going to try for the agile rock. Didn't get it, and Vandyballer told me he had wyverns for the first time. Woot, so did I! So, I decided to go and do my task with him.

Lucky for me I have killed 2 before so I sort of knew what I was doing. First me, Kitty, and Ed went and killed them for our Falador task a loooong time ago and then me and Kitty killed ours for Fur N Seek. I got my Karils on, DFS, glory, slayer helm, and a birdo full of monks. I was doing pretty well and killed about 12-14 per inventory.

I was using pro melee because every guide makes wyverns out to be some uber hard monster but I was running low on ppots one run with loads of food so I turned it off and never got hit any more than with its mage so I stopped bringing ppots and just let my DFS take care of the melee. It was so much nicer having 3 extra foods instead of ppots!

I finally finished and set off to sell my wyvern bones in exchange for dragon bones, since people use wyvern bones for super ppots and I like to be helpful to them. First, I posed in my beautiful outfit. :P

I think Karils goes mega well with a trimmed agile cape! The colors are sooo nice! I look dang good in my little setup too! And, this screenie was one that had something cool in the background so...

Yeah IDK why but I thought that was funny!

While I was at the Magic Wyvern Wonder Cave, some things happened. First, on my 2nd run I passed 2 people at the ice giants. One was earth waving them and I guess got curious and followed me into the cave. He luckily ran out before he got utterly pwnt but I could see his spells not hitting very much and him getting hit hard by the ice giants. Poor thing probably had like 1 defence! Then later some "cute little noob" with a granite body, rune defender, and skimmy walks in, gets redbarred, and gets frozen. I first said "dude" and was going to follow with something but then he had literally a sliver of green left so all I said was "Run!!!" He then used some sort of jewelry to escape to safety. Phew!
Anyways I bought some dragon bones, bought more, was 220 xp short, killed some ogres, got some big bones, and got this!!!!! :D:D

Wooooot!! 75 prayer!!!! I can wield that awesome green shield now! Too bad it's like 600m...

It's time for bed- I went swimming today and am exhausted! Goodnight everyone!

Until next time...

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