Thursday, April 15, 2010

Of Dessous...

Today I wasn't able to play for a whole lot because I decided to attend real life and go to two recitals. They were both wonderful and many of my friends were in the 2nd one (the first was a flute recital; the second was percussion ensemble). Also, during school today I performed along with the 7 other people in trombone choir for other music majors. So, it was quite a busy day! When I finally got back I was lagging so bad I could hardly type so I gave up for the night.

This left me with just enough time to scope a Karamja star (and get a con rock doing that, woot!) and mine it and turn in my dust, since I couldn't last night. :P I stayed at the scope till it fell and then fairy ringed to the CKR ring (the one near the nature altar since it's hardest to reach) and right when I ran I saw it in Shilo and it was pretty big so I gloved it on over. It was a size 6, just like yesterday! This time though there were about 15 people mining it so it only lasted about 15 minutes. :P I did get about 8k xp.

I then accompanied Nezantra for his big fight with Dessous. I was his cheering squad and he pwnt him good!!
Haha you can see my fist pump!

Coincidentally, I have a picture from a very long time ago (way before I started blogging) of me cheering Merxese on in the exact same spot!

My goal now is to accompany as many people as I can and cheer them on while they pwn Dessous. While we're on the topic of Dessous I have 2 more pics to share. I may not have a pic of me fighting Dessous but I sure have a pic of me pwning Dessourt! I have no flippers because I didn't want to lose them! :P This quest was one of the last I did before my cape!

And here is a picture I took at a Canifis star a long time ago. Makes me laugh every time!

"Woot woot I just killed Dessous with my fist!!!!!"

Good ol Dessous... He comes up so much! LOL! It's time for bed, methinks... I'll be able to play for a while tomorry (prolly) but have lots of real life this weekend so I'll only be on for a little bit. Good night!

Until next time...

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