Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kitt Fox Gets 99 Ranged and Pie Goes Skilling

Today, in between real life, I managed to go to Kitt Fox's 99 Ranged party! :D Here are some highlights:

Kitt is famous for having 4 red dragons in her house. :P

We're all facing the same way! Let's see if I can name them all...
Very front: KRUNK B3AST; Next row: Merch Gwyar, TheArcturus1, and Boombaye1; Next row: Rafftank and Full Of Pie; Facing other way: somisareg.

Yay! She got it!!

Most of us stayed in her house while she got the cape and returned. She then made fun of us. I got a hawt pic of her cape. :P

I got locked in her treasure room to die and Merchy joined me. We decided to dance and then Kitt joined in. The Tok-Xil then respawned and pwned Merchy in one hit. LOL!

After that I piddled around and decided to do some stars and trees. While waiting for the first tree of the day I spotted someone with a familiar name:


The tree turned out to be a mage! Yay!!

I heard this phrase a long time ago and say it at every mage tree I've been to since. It has an emo eye! Nice action shot too! :D

After the stars and trees I went and rc'd the last 2k ess from the 10k I had. Among that time Mike sold me a focus sight! Woooot! It looks hawt! It was only 1.7m! :D The 2k deaths and some various other things I sold gave me a little over 900k so I am already back to the 22m I was at. Just now I'm only about 20k over instead of 800k over. I forsee another 10k deaths in the forecast! I'm already down to 65k until 76 RC!! Just one more level until bloods! Woohoo!!

I should go to bed now... Another busy RL day tomorrow and stuff. Gnight!

Until next time...

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