Sunday, April 25, 2010

Orlando, Here I Come!!

OK, it's not for another year, and it has nothing to do with this blog post! I'm just sooo excited! I went last April to WDW and it was absolutely magical. I get to go again! :D Ok anyways onto the post...

I spent the small amount of time I had today getting the rest of the stones for the week. Well, first off I did a star. My goodness the people were so angry! Just chiiiilllllllll pl0x. After that I teled to Shilo and mined the rocks, keeping the jades to make bolts with. Upon banking I noticed a trail of gems all the way to the mine (LOL) and some guy there offered to sell me any jades he got for 1k each. Um, no way! He then said "oh they're only 145 gp. I'll sell u for 500." No deal!! I told him I'd just pick them up so he told me he was refusing to drop any. I'm not a noob and I'm not that stupid! Cmon!

Anyways today I got the RC stones. I was running low on laws so I decided to lawcraft until I got the stones + a complete glory or down to 10k pess, whichever came first. I got both the stones and doubled the amount of laws I have. Woot! I then went after the agility stone and finally got it, just in time to pay Vandyballer a visit at Pyraplunder, where we poisoned ourselves for like 10 minutes until I had to go. :( Upon returning however I got this!!

Woot!! All my levels are over 75 now! OK screw dunj it's not counted yet. I totally just remembered that I forgot to pp my first gnome! (LOL, remembered that I forgot...) With a list that big I went to celebrate by fletching in the Sophanem bank, getting my 2 rocks pretty quickly. It was time for that herblore rock! It took FOREVER and many many many purchases of irits, selling stuff in my bank to fund more irits, farming a round and selling the produce for money, and finally breaking own and buying kwuarm and limps. ONLY THEN did I get the freaking stone!! Woot! The good news is that I'm like 38k from 78! Woop woop!

All that's left is hunter of course. I'll try my hand at grenwalls tomorrow. I'm tired and was busy reading blogs so I logged out early for the day. Goodnight all! It's another crazy concert/recital week! I'm performing in 2 this week and seeing at least one more... Fun!

Until next time...

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