Thursday, April 8, 2010

Randomness This April Day

Today was spent mining stars and trying for more stones. I also crafted 8.5 glories worth of ess, getting a little over 2.2k deaths. The price of deaths has gone way up to over 400 now so when I finish with the 13k ess I have I should make several million. :D As for the rhoonkreftin stones, I got both in one inventory. Woot!

There was once again a monastery evil tree, a maple, that I burned up and chopped, getting some good xp. I then went fletching and got 1 stone before a lovely Canifis star. I then decided to do something fun and went on one of my blank canvas brand new accounts, Jeffrey Peak. I had a ton of fun doing that blood pact quest and leveling up to 10 mage in the dungeon on lvl 1 bugs that almost owned me. It was awesome! I also got like 2 prayer levels and a def lvl... I felt so awesome! :P I then trekked to the ge and tried to buy black robes to mage in. The top sold, still waiting on the bottoms. I bet I can get them in the Varrock clothes shop. I discovered you can buy the training shield and stuff too so I finally have a shield. Yay!

I then logged back on Pie and fletched for the 2nd fletch stone, traded the rest of my maples and oaks for yew logs, turned in the stones, and then logged for the night. It's late!
The really big, exciting news for today was not of me but of Vandyballer. His hard work and dedication has paid off and he now has FULL BANDOS ARMOURS@!*#!#t!@#%!*@##

Woooooooooooot!!!!! Gratzzzzz Vandyyyyyyy!!!! Oh yeah I forgot I went fishing for a lil bit with him and got the fishy rocks. The cooking rocks are being elusive. Ugh. Owell there is always tomorrow!

I leave with you two funnies from today:

Another awesome one-liner from somisareg. Between him and Levi I am always sure to be entertained!

There was someone with a def cape (not me) at the Canifis star and this person shares my feelings! I'm not saying I hate 1 def pures I just loooove def! Plus it was said in a funny way. :P

Goodnight everyone! Thank goodness tomorry is Friday....

Until next time...

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