Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shorty Post- Of Cute Little Noobs and Strange Rocks

Today I wasn't on for a while as I was busy defragging/deleting stuff to try to make my laggy compy not be laggy. When I was on I first lent my g altar to Lordbuckeyez:

...who got 69 prayer at my house and went on to get 70 prayer at Levi's house. Gratzy!!

I was getting antsy so I left my house to smiff some gold into bars. I then sold some coal in exchange for gold ore and went to town on those rocks! I managed to get both the smiffin rocks with plenty of gold to spare and got a crafy rock. Among that time I saw people getting rooted in Edgy bank so I headed off to the monastery where I was first on the scene of what would become a mage tree! Yay! With my 26 minutes of magic I headed off to Pt Sarim and cut oaks to be traded in for yews to burn. When I was there I came across what me and my dad affectionately refer to as a "cute little noob."

He followed me and said "hey" but it came out as "he" and then "y" on a separate line which I got a pic of. He then asked me for 1k. Typical cute little noob. :-3 I asked him what for and he said "to change my house to stone." Oo, good answer! I gave him all 4k that I got from the tree/picked up off the ground and the 3 acorns that people dropped from the tree and told him to grow and prosper. He was beside himself with joy. His name, if he ever finds this, was Boffy 96. Guthix help me hf he does, he prolly thinks I'm a jerk for calling him a noob but I use it in a sweet loving sense. :P

For reference, "cute little noobs" usually wear the following: full addy or rune, a berserker helm, any skimmy or sword, the fancy boots from the sos, a Canifis/Fremmy/team/halloween/chocatrice cape, and an addy or rune spikeshield. This guy stayed pretty true to that. :-3

Anyways I got a stone from the oaks and then went back to Y Ffwrnais to get my smiffin/craft stones and then went to the ge and spent about 30 minutes juggling money to get my 2nd herby rock. With one super attack to spare I got it! Woot! So, I then cut ivy en route to the museum, got that 2nd wc stone, and then turned in the smiffin, wc, and herby stones. Woot! Tomorrow I'ma try for the firemaking ones! Any free fm xp is golden.

Anyways I am tired and it's way past my bedtime. :P Good night peeps!

Until next time...

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  1. w00t I got 70 prayer and now i need to make some more money!!!! broke (the kinda broke a person with 10m+ has) i only have 2m =(