Friday, April 30, 2010

April Hiscores and PG-13 Post

Today I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't really feel like doing much of anything so I decided it would be a perfect time to go star/tree hunting! When I went to the ge tree I saw three imps in a row!

They're so cute!!!

I chased down a M&M star with Vandy and Levi and it ended up being in Burgh de Rott. Vandy couldn't go... :-( I'm gonna make him do the Myreque questline now muahahahaha!!! They were some of the last quests I did before my quest cape so I remember them well.
After that I decided that I wanted to go vyre killing. Sounded like fun! So, I loaded up a bunyip and some monkfish and set off:

I set it to attack for the first time. I have always had the flail on defence because I killed many for 99 defence and man what a difference! I was actually hitting them with almost every hit and they were dropping like rain! I managed to kill a full 26 with 2 monks left when my yip ran out. I then got some maple pyre logs and set off to release the vyres of their troubled souls.

I knew that I was getting pretty close to another 100th vyre released but didn't get anything as it wound down. Then, on the last vyre of the 26 I burned, I got it!

After looking at the book I just burned #200! Only 300 more to go and I'm actually looking forward to it! I had a thought today that what if there's a quest that requires flail mastery? I want that milestone! Anyone wanna join? :P

After I did that I decided to try for the thieving stones because I reallllly wanted to wear my mudskipper hat! Here's my zany thieving outfit this week!

And, I got a pretty good picture of me and Wickster35, who was thieving with me, capturing the essence of pickpocketing.

As I picked the farmer's pocket, I got a message with a frightening image on it. OMG, it looks like a placenta! Sorry for being a little pg-13 here but OMG!

I forgot that this piece of fire from the 2nd thief miniquest thing was obtainable from the master farmer. I picked like 6 in a row... It just looks so gross.... A placenta at worst and a heart at best.... Excuse me while I barf and then try not to think of having babies..... -.- Moving right along...

Wow tomorrow is May 1st! I can't believe it! It's freaking May already! School is almost out! :o Crap, I guess that means it's hiscore time! Well, here it is:

So much has happened! I broke 100m total xp, got 14m def xp, several levels, and a new skill came out! I'm still unranked but I should be pretty soon. I'm 25 at the mo and will have to wait until 30 to show up. Look at my agile rank too!! It's 2222!!!! I've been pretty diligent about my stones and running a lot so I'll have 14m before I know it! All my (ranked) skills are over 75 now too! Woohoo!! I should easily have 80 hunter in May. Yay!! I still remember my May goals for last year were 70 farm and herb. Look at them now, all high at 87 and 77! Oo I should break 4m farm tomorrow!

Well off to bed... I have a concert tomorrow but I play in 1 piece and 15 notes... Ugh... Almost not even worth it. I'm just glad my slide is working properly again. It had something in it and was verrrrry loud. I almost had to take it in to be repaired but I couldn't bear leaving it at such a busy time so it'll have to wait until summer. Hopefully it will go well!

Until next time...

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