Monday, April 19, 2010

Stuff and More Stuff

Well my concert went very well yesterday and I went to the post-concert partything at a local restaurant as I always to and had a great time chatting with one of my friends. :-) I didn't get home till midnight!

Anyways here is a collection of pics from the past two days:

Yesterday started with finishing up penguins and getting 76 RC!!

Today I got hunter and thief stones. Hunter took HOURS as usual but I got mega xp!!

Thieving outfit of the week... :P

Fatty Grenwalls dropped no stone but gave me mega xp!! Plus, not having to bring hunter pots is a bonus! :D

This morning I did some agility where waffles were explained:

The stars I have been hunting lately have been HUGE!! This one from yesterday was size 7 at Aubury...

That's Vandyballer on the right! :D

...and today I scoped a Frem star on W46 (was there mining addy for rocks) and got finders on it! Another huge size 7, this time in Misc!

This morning I did an elf star at the last minute. There were about 4 of us waiting and it finally fell so I let it fall on me and then staged getting smashed! :P It was a lovely Canting star and a nice break from grenwalling.

I took the time to do an evil tree and got another clue scroll! Man lvl 1's always take me forever because I have to go buy/make all the crap to wear for emotes...

As if I have gnome clothes laying around... Ugh!

I finally had it all down and was thinking in the wheatfield...

...and got the worst reward yet! Oh well, clues are about having fun doing them and I love the extra cash, even if it was only 1k! :P I had to laugh at the reward... XD

With only a few minutes to spare until midnight I went to red sallies and got the last 4k of my hunter level:

Woohoo!!! I never thought my hunter would ever be this high! Thank you Shattered Heart!! Even though it sucks that the hunter stones always take me hours of pawyaya/grenwall/falconry/boxing penguins to get, I am loving the xp I get! I'll have 80 before I know it! Yay!!

Before I go I leave you with a random video that I made while doing some falconry. I got the first stone within 5 kills but never got the 2nd until I spent hours at the penguins. Enjoy!

Until next time...

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