Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two Goals Met!!

Today I didn't do much besides farm and run a little agil so I will just leave you with the two HUGE milestones I accomplished today:

Woot woot!! I broke 13.4m agility xp!!!

Then... I was at the GE and sold a ton of werg and my stack of deaths and earned a nice 3 mil which put me at 24m so I decided to check the price of tassets to see how close I was to buying them. You can see where this is all going! :P

I sold my Verac skirt which sold sometime when I was at school....



I did it!! I did it i did it i did it!!!!!! Sweet Saaiill!!!!!!! For the love of Dragon Dodger I bought tassets!!!! TASSETS!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!! Now all that's left is the chestplate and then I can spend spend spend!!! Look out, I plan on getting some big 99's this summer including craft and con!!!!!! Thank you Wergali!!!!!!!

Speaking of wergali I finally grew all mine and am celebrating this victory by buying 100 more seeds! At over 7k a leaf, this stuff is almost worth twice that of toadies! I'm gonna milk it while it lasts and hopefully I'll be sporting some uber hawt new slayer gear very soon! :P In fact I'll soon have the very outfit that I saw Kitty Molly wear so many moons ago that inspired me to get back into combat!

For a celebration this big, I better go! :P

Until next time...

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