Thursday, April 29, 2010


I totally forgot to blog yesterday! And it was a really eventful day! So, here goes everything that happened.

First off, I headed for Tears of Guthix which somehow turned into a Dungeoneering cave because...
Woot! I advanced 7 dunj levels! Hello double digits!!

Next, new quest! It was near impossible to find the right guy. I ended up finding a trapdoor I've never seen before and there was a guy named Sir Vant who gave me 2 xp lamps! I got 250 mining and smiffin xp form them. Woot! I then entered some cutscene with a King Green Dragon...

...and only after the scene finished and I looked around did I realize I was not close to the right place... The twitter hint was ruby dragons and I found a dragon..... Ooookkaaaayyyyy... after another 5 minutes of feeling stupid I finally found the trapdoor not behind the lum furnace like they said it was, but one house back and hidden from my camera angle. -.- I started it and got through it pretty quick.

I was excited and set right off to steal the ruby dragon, which I felt intensely guilty about. Like, I felt so guilty jipping that poor dwarf of all his money that my stomach felt uneasy and I was ready to cry... I'm just too caring for robin hooding... Anyways I got it done and reminded myself it's just pixels... cute, caring pixels.... cheery pixels.....

OK, so WTF does acorns have to do with stealing this expensive dragon???? Whatevs... I did get some lols from the wording of the little xp pamphlets.

I then set off to do pengs to take my mind off that poor dwarf... Ugh I'm such a sap! Anyways they were all pretty easy and of course everyone was in full swing so it was very easy to get them all. I went all minimalist for my trip to the lava maze:

Ah yes, nothing like 3-iteming with flippers, a games necklace, and a DFS! :D Good thing I packed the DFS, because in typical fashion I accidentally ran straight into the green dragons. Yay for not getting burned!

Along the way to 16 penguin points, I saw my lovely full grown palm in Brimhaven and being impatient tagged it and got 87 farming!!!

Woot!! Now that is something I am proud of! After I had collected all my lovely points I headed over to Chuck to cash them in for some more epic levelage. I didn't have time to do penguins last week but found one and the bear so I had 18 points. I cashed them in (did an epic penguin dungeon) and boom!

Woot! I jumped another 12 levels, totaling 19 today! I am now sitting at a much less nooby 25 and can pretty much do any dungeon I feel like, gosh (insert Napoleon Dynamite voice)!

Woot woot scroll of life!! Too bad I still need like 2948294724620 more points to get it...
Haha, gem bag sounds like Gym Bag... :P

A short while later when farming I had this hilarious conversation, started when my friend Jojododo9 pm'd me saying that there are master farmers in Varrock and Lumbridge now. My response was "Orly?" and then this happened in Canting:

Levi always cracks me up!

I then saw this amusing fish cape barrage in the GE:

After that I scoped a star and mined it in Crandor until it popped, then went to Kelda and mined addy, getting both mining stones within minutes and adding them to my 7th statue. I then went to bed and forgot to write this post!

OK and onto today!! I didn't play a whole lot but I did manage to chase down a granite mine star and then did and evil tree which turned out to be an elder!!

It was just me and the gal with the dragon skirt so I invited Twi to help. Another guy showed up and the 4 of us had fun cutting the tree. What was cool was the guy was also an Agile Brother! From left to right we have Akula Borei, Increase Agi, me, and Gym Bag Boy. I still can't burn and I don't think any of us besides the other guy could so we just cut roots the whole time. :P It was fun!
After that I used my 30 magic minutes on oak and immediately got two nests with a Papayaya and maple inside. Woot! I managed to cut like 521 oaks or something insane like that...

Oh yeah! And in the time I was waiting for the tree I went crafting, got the 2nd stone (now under 300k to 91 yay!!) and set off for the 2nd smiffin stone. Out of nowhere, fireworks!!

Woot!! Last I looked I was like 30k till my lvl! Yay!! No 2nd stone but that's nothing buying some gold ore can't fix... ;-)

Well I am off to bed now! Finally I can relax a bit tomorrow! I am sitting at 2059 total. Woohoo!!

Until next time...

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