Friday, April 2, 2010

Rhoonkreftin Breakthrough!!

Today I decided to practice the fine art of Rhoonkreftin all day. I logged in with 7 minutes left on a grack so I re-summoned one and got to work. Very shortly afterwards someone named Kenneth7100 asked me and another player if we'd help her/him (male name, female character) with a video and to meet in Ooglog. I agreed and almost dismissed my grack but held onto it in case this didn't involve much acting. Thankfully it didn't! I just had to hop into all of the pools while he/she gave a little speech on each one.

I just noticed that rather than cutting off the cape in the pools, it just gets smooshed!

I then returned to RCing, which went surprisingly fast because I was watching TV. Yes, I have once again migrated out of my room into the dining room to watch tv. I never thought I'd miss having a tv in my room but I do...

Odd, push-me-pull-you Grack :P

I then decided to do the penguins for the week. I figured it was a good time and upon looking at my xp till my next rcing level decided to use the points on it. It was a very easy week this week and the penguin chat was laid-back and calm today, which made it less weird to actually talk and say things without getting yelled at. I got almost 30k RC xp which left me with about 2k till my next level. So, I went off to the death altar and after a couple rounds I finally broke through to a higher level of Rhoonkreftin profession:

Wooot!!!! 75 RC!!!! Giant pouch time!!! Now of course I've had a giant pouch forever in preparation for this. Who woulda thought that I'd actually end up liking RC! I used to hate it! I took a break to try out using a dip in the mudbath to get up to 80+ so I could catch ruby harvests barehanded. It worked pretty well although I didn't catch very many because it's basically one pixel width that you have to click on. Oh well, it was cool to break up the monotony and lack of wanting to train at the moment. I need to really push for 77 so that I can both catch grenwalls (woot!) and just take whole inventories of hunter pots to the butterflies. Ugh it's so far away! :-(

I then returned to RCing for the remainder of the evening, with 2 farm runs mixed in. Armed with my new pouches I went gracking and ended up with about 6k nats total. After I was bored with gracks I got out an abyssal familiar and stuffed my inventory with a total of 61 pieces of ess and crafted deaths ad nauseum whilst watching Dr. Oz. :P I finally got bored of RC for the night, with about 2k out of 10k ess remaining so I stopped for the evening. First, I admired Vandyballer's "booties." He too is RCing and is much further ahead, having just gotten 79, but we went to the abyss together so we met up often in the bank.

Before we get any further I must explain. I find really random things totally adorable. A huge one is the top hat. Zoh my goodness it's sooooo cute!!! So cute that I went out and bought one yesterday for my costume room! :P Atm, my hairstyle makes it look funny but with crazy spikes it looks sooooooo cute! Tonight, I saw Vandy talking to someone named Paleo Soldat and the cuffs of his naval pants on his lightness boots looked like he had really thin ankles and booties! :-3 I fell in love and went on about how cuuuuuuuute they were!!

The rest of the world is probably laughing at me but I think they are adorable! BTW he looks very pro in his trimmed fletch cape, black naval, and rc gear- lightness boots, pickaxe, tiara. Now we gotta get him doing MEP2 so that he can craft deaths! Heh heh!

I then went to the GE and sold 6k nats and a little over 4k deaths. That plus 27 wergali and over 70 crushed nests gave me 3.8 million coins. Yay, I made back what I spent for the 10k ess and then some! Plus, I've already made back the 2m for the ess so it was like adding 4m to my bank. I now have 22m and am even closer to my beautiful Bandos armour! :D

It's time for bed now, busy day tomorrow with some RL stuff plus Kitt Fox getting 99 Ranged! Wewt! Good night!

Until next time...

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