Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grinding Stones and Many Levelings

Today was an adventure to be sure! It started with me going for the thieving stones. This meant it was time for my weekly wacky outfit! Ta da!!

I put on my lawcrafting pirate top and shorty shorts and my bearhead which is the same color as my skin. I loved the broom so I kept it again this week. I look so hawt! It took a while but I finally got the stones and tons of seeds to refill my dwindling supply. I am finally almost done with the werg seeds I bought and now have about 20 marigolds to grow. Yay!
I then did a clue scroll which took me into the deep wildy regions of the wildy lever and the axe hut. TuMadre accompanied me and got herself killed on a rev werewolf to distract it from me/ All was well and I got 2 rune longs, a rune cbow, and 7 sweets. Not bad... I then did an evil tree with Kitt Fox and TuMadre and did a couple stars, plus I found a lone evil willow in the Kharazi Jungle which I got Kitt and Levi to do with me along with another person.

Amidst all that I set off to get the dreaded hunting stones. I bought some papayaya froots and then went to catch pawyaya. While I was there someone with a familiar name appeared...

...and asked my help on Regicide. It was cool to meet another Pie and I helped him get sorted out. He had 50 agility so I have no clue how he ended up here but I told him to train for 51 then take summer pies so he did. He managed to finish the quest (hooray!) and then turned around and did Waterfall and before I logged he was doing Roving Elves. Whoa! I also learned that just this morning he did U'Pass. Holy cow! Elf quest spree! Gratz Pie Minion1 on all that!

I then brought some hunter pots and caught some grenwalls in hopes of the stones. Nope. I did get down to 98 till 77 though! :D I did get Pie Minion1 some limestone to spare him a trip all the way through the pass again which he was happy for and then I hopped worlds to do penguins with Vandyballer.It was a lot of fun and the pengs were pretty easy this time. Me and Vandy are pretty good friends now and we had a good time chasing them all around. I used the points on hunter because I am at a block getting to 77 and once I do I can pot up for barehand butterflies and get 80 real quick sooooooo... Yeah, next Tuesday I'll use the points on RC and get 76! As we were finishing up Fred Lay told us that a star had fallen in Kelda so we hopped to it after penguins where we all watched and danced as Vandy got closer and closer to 70 mining...

clockwise from left: Fred Lay, me, Kitt Fox, Vandyballer, and Raven

Until finally 70 mining was his!!

Too bad I didn't snap the pic like a second later... he got barraged with gratz messages! :D You can kind of see the little fireworks. :-)

While at the star Levi's comedic genius struck again:

I asked what a certain anagram means that is apparently NSFW so Kitt was trying to explain but got caught in the filter. Levi tried to make it a bit more clear... :P

After that I decided I was going to hunt the penguins after Raktuber until I got the stones.

The penguins are sooo cute! When they get caught they are too big and their little feet poke out of the box! I finally got one stone and quite a bit of xp but left after 3 rounds of full inventory of KGP Agents because....

E Zenaku got 99 Woodcutting!!! Woohoo!!!! Gratzzzzyyy!!! It was a very quiet celebration and the only people there were me and ODST Isaac who was on his pure, ODST PVP.

On the way I came across that stranger from Desert Treasure for the first time...

Very strange...

E Zenaku then got his pwetty cape and did the emote for the first time:

...and here is me and Ezen with Isaac hiding behind a tree lol

It was very late and I was getting tired but as we said goodbye Isaac said something totally hilarious:

Today I am the "green puke lady" so I took the liberty of puking all over Isaac. What he said at the very bottom made me laugh out loud. :P (notice he called him Vandy also. Whoops :P)

Well this post took an hour to write... Time for bed! Gnight!

Until next time...

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