Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Choppity Chop

First off, GRATZYYYY Zachy on 99 Attack!!! I managed to get a couple pics from it and even a little video!

Nice cropping showing the extent of my @@@ without seeing the chat :P

Zachy putting on his cape for the first time :-3

Somi with his rubber chicken and Zachy with his new cape... :D

Sorry there's no sound... Didn't feel like editing it! :P

After the festivities I did a farm run and planted the guam seeds I got from pping. I figured why not. I then went "shopping" and gathered up supplies for herblore. I love the fact that everything I need (Zammy wine, dragon scales, newt eyes, and snape grass) is found comveniently near(ish) Fally West Bank.

Here I am in mid-teleyoink! :D

After all that I decided to do an evil tree. I was hoping for a good one. Finally the sap sprouted and woot, it was in elfland! I got there and ran south, hoping it was by those mage trees and not tucked away obscurely in the forest. Luckily it was and I was the first one there. I began nurturing and- hello!!!!! got over 600 farm xp per bite! Sure enough it was an evil elder tree!

I waited and waited and..... Nobody came! It was just me, all alone! I did not want to do this tree alone, especially as I can't light it on fire yet, so I PM'd everyone that I figured would be able to go and they all couldn't make it to Lletya. I told Canting but everyone was busy with dungeoneering. I was stuck! I managed to get my dad to get some kegs of Axman's Folly and "pot up" to help me chop away. He has 84 wc so technically this was his first evil elder! After a long time and three lightning strikes later (it always dies after that 3rd strike) it was dead and I left with a clue scroll, maple seed, over 200 teak logs, and 30 minutes of lep magic! Not to mention I got this much wc xp from it:

Woot! Nearly 30k! It's all from chopping too. Since I can't burn it I just camped at a root and would cut it until it fell away then cut the tree, repeat. When cutting the actual tree the xp came in as rapid 78's (like 3-5 per second). It was amazing! After it was done I got out my lumberjack and cut willows in Draynor. That got me another 24,344 xp! I was now 4k away from a wc level so I ran over to the ivy in Falador and within 5 minutes....

Woot woot!! One step closer to.... I dunno what! Is there anything important between 85 and 99? If not then I am 1 step closer to 99! Now if only I could get my firemaking that high...

Well I am still busy as ever in real life. I dunno if I'll be able to play much so I may not post as often until the semester winds to a close. Hopefully I'll have a good clue, I plan to do it first thing when I get on tomorrow! Oh and I am loving the farming update! I'll never have to click on my spade or rake again! For the win!!!!

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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