Monday, January 31, 2011

Spur of the Moment

After the unwanted contents of someone else's bank fell from my shorts in Heim I picked up, among other things, a black full helm. Then I got a random urge to go buy the rest of a black set and go pwn the wraith for a bit. The last time I went was with Kitty Molly and we teamed up on it.

(back when I had a quest cape... crycry ;-; )

Taking turns praying the tank... Kitty's tanking!

It was way fun and with lootshare going it was a total blast. I forgot what level the wraith even was but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was lvl 129. I'm 130. Woot left click!!

I love being free to wear whatever shoes I want so flippers were the obvious choice. XD

As I was preparing for this bit of fun Peeky logged in!!!!!! Oh how I have missed him! I last saw him when I got 99 attack. We picked up right where we left off and made no shortage of making each other laugh.

Well tomorrow is the big day. The big fail return of the wilderness and free trade. I'm apprehensive excited for tomorrow. I foresee many bugs, loads of RWTing and bug abuse, and a few rollbacks so I prolly won't be on for a few weeks... or maybe I will just dunj...

As it is January 31st here are my January Hiscores:

Among cool things, I got 2200 total! :D Been working on Dunj a bit as well. Won't be long before I have 70+ all again! Hopefully I'll have 80+ all to follow that in the next few weeks. :D:D

Good night all!

Until next time...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Giggidy Giggidy Let's Dunj!

Got on Faerie Tana and got 40 Defence in preps for tomorrow's free trade. I will give her one of my 2 H2 rune skirts as well as a rune set since I have so many from clue scrolls, using my dad as the middle man. XD {Back on Pie} I also made an iron set and weapons for Jeffrey Peak (since his name is Iron Warrior of the Mountain Tops) and went to the deepest wildy to get new nooby team capes for all my freebies.

Hmm then I soloed a couple floors and got *snicker* 69 Dunj!

Teehee I barely remember the last time I had lvl 69 of something. It was hunter and it was New Years Eve... 2009-2010. XD Soon I'll have 70+ all again! ...too bad my noob thieving is 78 and therefore close to 80 so I gotta step it up and get 80+ all! On one of the starting floors I was standing on a gold key which made it look like I had strange flippers on:


The big news of the day was me and Fred decided to duo floor 34 medium. It took us like 2 hours to do it all but we had a great time and annihilated any sign of life. Neither of us died on the boss which was nice as well! We had Ballak again and he was way straightforward. To get an idea of how long it took to go through to just the boss, my lvl 78 worldbearer timed out right after we killed the boss and went on for the last few rooms. :o

It was totally worth it though because we had fun and I got just shy of 17k xp! I'll have 70 very soon at this rate! Woot!

Well school is in tomorrow so it's time to get into skool mode again. I have clinic this week on Thursday and Friday (where the band holds an open rehearsal that the high school band kids are forced privileged to watch, and their bands perform to be helped by a clinician that we bring in each year to help them get better). That means I have to be there all day to play in the band during the most inconvenient hour ever lunch break the afternoon in addition to 2 performances that will probably be during another royally inconvenient time that the trombone choir is doing in preps for out trip to Seattle. LOL guess what peeps I finally learned how to cross stuff out! Now I can write a whole lot closer to my sense of humor! Oh yeah and our first concert is Saturday. Busy stuff. Oh my goodness.

Well I need to email my professor (Yes, the one who I pretend is Dr. Sorela for those keeping score) my topic proposal and other real life stuff so I'll catch y'all on the other side of the sun! :P

Until next time...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stuff... I'm A Weirdo!

Long time no see, eh? Having a life is fun! For the first time since I started this blog I actually have mostly enjoyable things to do in real life and therefore less time and desire to play. I'm just waiting for things to die down or something to come along that will make me want to play more. Or maybe I'm finally becoming unaddicted! Whatevs, I am loving this real life thing! RS ain't goin nowhere and will always be there when I feel like playing.

Anyway, today I got on to chat with peeps and also in hopes of finding someone to dunjuneer with. Well, it was my lucky day indeed because H Alger was asking for a floor that I can do! So, we rounded up 5 people- Kayla, Yana, me, H Alger, and Fred, and did floor 32 large. It was a total disaster, with deaths everywhere, but it was still fun! I had 5 deaths and Kayla had 9, dunno about everyone else but we were dropping like flies! Every room uncovered more and more monsters in the 170cb range. Gross. We all got pwnt hard at Bulwark although getting a promethium pick from an animated pickaxe was nice. I got a nice 20k+ xp reward despite my massive deaths and was still in the mood for another floor so me, Yana, and Fred hopped back in for 33 on 2 man med.

(Fred, me in midair, Yana at the door)

We all died a bunch again iirc but it was fun and a lot shorter. :P We got ballak boss who I've had like once so yeah I got hardcore pwnt. It was lots of fun though and I can't wait to do it again! Yana even got her own Mera Visi Scroll (the herby scroll of renewal or whatever) after the 5 man! Yay!

Right after that a friend I met at spirimages back when I got 86 str and 129 cb invited me to do the Hati Wolf with him so I obliged. Turns out I got there way before he did and mostly tanked it. XD I ran out of sharks so I went to Neit to cook some up and came back. Someone showed up and watched me try to kill it, obviously not wanting to interfere with my solo. I was hoping he would but I didn't feel like typing. Finally, with like 1/4 health left, my friend showed up and it was at that time I finally shouted "Y u no help me kill it??" that the other guy hopped in and we pwnt it quickly. XD

EEEEE it breathes FROST at me with its little MOUTH!!!! [/cute attack]

My friend got his mask and paws right away and the three of us all had our wolf heads on. Eeeee it's so ADORABLE!!!!! We tanked another one before I left to play RCT, then returning to manage my kingdom before gross bad connection internet kicked me off and I did other things instead. Oh yeah, that's another reason I am playing less... my internet sucks for some reason!

Me, I 0WN UR A (my friend) and Omfg o_O LOL sporting our wolfie masks. :3

I am feeling full since me and my mom made "oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies" today. I found the "recipe" online and basically was like... *challenge accepted* and made some! Here's how they turned out after a good baking:

Cooling in the kitchen...

Cookieception... :D

Good night all!

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Format

Say goodbye to that old green format. It was totally cutting off my youtube embedded videos and being a PAIN! Hopefully this one will be more accommodating and wider. It should do for now until I get bored enough to sit down and make it all green! XD

Didn't play much today... just camped at abby demons for a little while... and talked to Fred in the lobby. :P ...and wrote another awesome through the eyes post!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Short Day

Oog... I'm so tired! I forgot what getting up like 5 hours earlier than I normally do feels like... I have been fishing sharks for a few hours and almost have 500k worth. Wewt! I may go sell them to help bring back the money I spent on Mackenzie's ransom. I also finally tagged some more trees aaaaaand...

Yayay!!! 92 Farming!! I'm halfway to my ultimate cape of Lesko Diamond-ness!!!!

I got lucky after that and got 30k free con xp from unwrapping 2 of Arn's effigies. Only 10 hammers to 91 now! I better get on SC some time so I can use my awesome 80 RC!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kitty Molly Logged In!!

She only got on 3 times last year, so this is a big deal! No pics, but I am so so happy!!!!!!! I've missed ya, Girlie!! :-)

Until next time... <3

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Mackenzie is Here At Last!!!

The title says it all! Today was a day at least a year and a half in the making. I finally achieved a huge dream that I have been writing about almost as long as I've blogged. It all started this afternoon with the realization that, oh my gosh, I have 90 con! That means I only need a +5 boost with a stew and I could get 95 and pay the 10m ransom to bring Mackenzie into his room! I've been saving orange spice for this occasion for a long time so I grabbed all the stews and spice I had and headed for my house. I was able to invite Arnleg Endol in and sip some tea for a 91 con effigy and help him do one of his 91 farming ones and after he had sufficiently explored my house I turned on building mode and went downstairs.

First stew, nothing. Second stew lowered me by 5. Good thing I still had tea on hand and drank back up to baseline. That third stew though, I saw that 95/90 and I scrambled so fast to select steel dragon! A couple clicks later and he was mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Eeeeee! He's so tiny and cute! I can't wait to show him off to my friends at parties!!!!!

Other than that I spent my day doing random things like farming herbs, making potions, doing a floor with Cossack and Nezantra, doing an evil oak, mining a Frem Kelda star in listening silence, catching my first zombie imp with a hunter pot, and making cheese as the highlights. I dunno what was in the air, but I was capturing funny after funny. Enjoy!

Nez hates bugs of any kind. Nuff said. XD

On this one, Yana and I literally posted our lines about The Game at the exact same time. We were on separate worlds with totally separate losings. Now that I have made you lose the game, realize that I said it because of the one like of public text. That Yana is something else! We're on the same radio frequency!

Next, thanks to the novelty of my wolf mask and therefore me wearing it everywhere, I was cracking wolf-related jokes all day!

I cracked a lame joke but I thought it was funny...

Of course, when Fray is mentioned, no doubt Frey and then Jeffrey will come up. XD

I'm in 4H with this creative outfit!

Look out Fred, a WOLF is using your churn!

Finally, if you managed not to lose The Game earlier, you now just lost it:

Haha Zach you so clever!@

Well it's a school night technically so I must depart for bed. I can't wait for future adventures!

PS, Tanya, you rock, and you know why! wubwub

Until next time...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goodbye 129

Today I didn't do a whole lot of playing but I did get on long enough to go camping at Abyssal Demons with my Hati Paws to get that last 40k xp to my next strength level. Amidst my training I caught this funny by Fangy and Jby:

Pwnt by glass!

In that same shot I also managed to pose for a quick pic of me using my nice SS to earn some str expeez:

Finally, without me noticing until the fireworks of course, I got 87 Strength. Then, more fireworks went off. Woot!! I'm 130 cb already!!!

Pwnage! I never thought I'd ever make it to 130 but here I am!! I'm gonna keep on truckin until I get 99! Then I'll be a big scary red player around 134 or so! :o

Shortly before I leveled, I was afk looking at things while slaying along. I kept getting charms and herbs that looked like a whip but wasn't really getting my hopes up. Then I got a drop that looked more whiplike than usual and sure enough, it was! Woot woot!

Haha that's whip #3 for me, and once again not on a task. I have spirimages so I'm supposed to be getting d boots! :P

I sold the whip for just shy of 3m, which bumped me once again to 60m cash. As soon as I go play SC and use my newfound 80 RC to get a couple of hammers I'll do my new usual of plugging 5m into mog planks and hammering away! I spy 91 con very soon!

I leave with you this picture from last night. I got on for long enough to scope a desert star which fell, untouched, in the duel arena. I like getting finders but I hate soloing stars so I called upon Canting for help and got Wolfhe to come out and mine it with me. We both happened to be wearing our adorableness wolf masks so after the star popped we headed up the ramp for a pic!

"Smile! Say wolfie!"

Notice my cool random outfit. Nothing beats wolf head, v3, heraldic r00n skirt, flippers, SS, ranging ammy, and a team cape I found laying on the floor in the GE. Pwn!

As for real life I finally started writing down a Kiillaanian History story a few years in the making and after filling up several notebook pages got the full version typed up and posted on my other blog so go have a peek!

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Wolfie Goodness

I finally got an uber kewt pic of my wolf head when I logged on and then got to work taking advantage of the bonus xp from my Hati paws by hittin up the hellhounds!

Eeeeee it's SO CUTE!!!!!

When I equip them I get this awesome message:

Thrills for the fray!!!

I love these Hati paws!! When I wear them and kill stuff my avatar randomly growls. I love it! Ahaha it's a very nice touch and totally amusing and awesome. Even more awesome, I was leveling up my already close HP and Str twice a fast and before I even got to 90% the fireworks went off and I got a level:

Woop woop!! 97 Hitpoints!!! Only 2 more to go before I can has heart cape!

I was only killing hellies because I was in a clue scrollin mood. They dropped me 2, both with nearly identical rewards- 2 meerkat pouch, a rune full, 14 noted shark/lobs, and various other junk. More RFH's for my collection though! I also got Bork and Skelehorror done but they gave no long clues for me. Sigh. I should do Fling No Evil and get my free elite.

Another busy day tomorrow so I'm off for now but I leave you with this silly picture of someone taking advantage of the shade of clothing that matches the skin tone:

She was nude colored all the way down to her shoes! Nice name too...

Good night all!

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hati Wolf: The Cute Attack Begins

I decided to go with my dad and fight this new Hati wolf. I didn't know what it meant, if it was something that I would go kill or what. It turns out it's slightly bigger than the Big Wolf on WWM and it shoots ice from its little mouth! Anyone can go up and attack it and lots of time is spent with people following each other running around looking for it. Once we came upon it...

(Me on the right in agil cape and Tanya on the left with the brown hair)

Oh goodness he's cuuuute!!!! Tanya came and joined us in the hunting and we met some pretty cool and diverse people while on the hunt. I got my mask and gloves on my 2nd kill and oh my goodness it is the cutest thing ever!!! So cute that I totally forgot to take a picture of the huge mass of wolf headed people. Eeeeee it has a little black nose!!! And he shoots ice from his little mouth!!!!@! And talks smack in Swedish!!! Awwwwww I'm in loveeee!!!! Ehehehehe!!

OK enough of being all girlie... lol... I'll get some cool pics of it tomorrow when I get back on again. For now, real life calls. Good night all!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scroll of Mera Visi

Busy day today with the new semester starting and all that jazz! I did 2 floors and finally got enough tokens to go to the twitchy rewards trader and obtain a copy of the records kept by Mera Visi, carefully documenting some special herblore procedures. I'm talking the Scroll of Cleansing!

As I read this ancient Keoen scroll my mind was enlightened greatly as I discovered some hidden keys to making potions with less ingredients. As soon as I finished, his voice rang in my ears and the scroll vanished from my hands. The secret is mine!

I cleaned my kingdom and then set to work on it. I had 66 unfinished toadflax pots and 60 nests. I ended up with an extra nest every round of 14, for 4 extra pots made! Woohoo! I am loving this already! It's so nice that there are some cool rewards for skillers like myself... :D

I have some pretty important real life news to share... after going to the doctor today, they told me what my main doctor told me. I'm going into surgery in just 2 months... to get my tonsils out. Yes ladies and gentlemen at the ripe old age of 22 I am finally getting my throat castrated! I'm very happy about this because I've had problems swallowing for years. My tonsils are HUGE! I've never been in a hospital before so I am kind of excited! The snip-snip will be just 3 days after my birthday. Happy birthday to me! XD I am really hoping I recover quickly, as I really have no school to miss. Oh, and today was also my first day of the new semester! Things are going well, although I still feel pretty invisible. Owell, lots going on!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Monday, January 17, 2011


I didn't play at all today. I'm beating my RS addiction hohoho!!! I spent the day getting ready for skool which starts tomorrow and playing RCT making a new park. So in the unlikely event that anyone missed me, I'm still here! As long as we're still talking about real life, I might as well add that I also have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I will most likely be getting my tonsils out. Yay! Maybe I'll finally not choke on WATER!

Anyway, yesterday I dunjneered almost all day and finally the fruits of my labors paid off and I got 68 Dunj!!

I'm like... 400 tokens shy of a scroll of cleansing. I'll have to remedy that the next time I get on. I also ran some agility for a while with my new friend Knuckles260 who I met at Heim after me and my dad finished that big floor we duo'd at 1 in the morning. He's going for 99 and has 96 so I supported him by going out to Barb with him. He mysteriously vanished like 10 minutes later and lever returned so I laughed and then went back to dunj. XD

Anyway as I was doing some floors late into the night I decided to humor Yana by making some Inception references. Enjoy!

Good night all! Morning awaits, but there's no way I'll be able to sleep... GF internal clock + excitement. Oo, and also, Avicile Mohaili had her 2nd baby today. Wewtttt!!!

Until next time...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zomg! My Pa Got 99 Scummon!

Yeahh baby!! My dad has finally climbed another step on the total combat domination ladder by getting 99 Scummoning! All that's left is prayer! He held a very small party with just the two of us, Tanya, and Zach in attendance. We gathered in Taverly for the big event and just days after he bought 1k water talismans, 1k yaks, and a few other things he was off for that golden cape that I hardly ever see ever!

Yeah baby he just lvled! He quickchatted it to Canting too. :P

He sent me the pic he took of him buying that beautiful cape-with-a-wolf. :D

Woooot! He put it on!! :D

No party is complete without the emote. Summoning is one of my favorites!

Gratz again Dad on cape #8! Holy cow I need to get my rear in gear to catch up. :P

Also, he achieved this on the 3rd birthday of the skill. How OWNAGE is that!!!

I leave you with a few funny pics:

Another Canting Smiley Meme now joins others such as >-( , >( , }:-| , and :_) .

Haha I was unaware of this first timer dunj noob message until I opened up floor 1 on Mera Visi.

I set off to begin doing all the quests on yet another account (quest freak, I know :P) and did Ernest the Chicken without a guide (lazy I know). I got the spade and noticed the random grave out back and decided to dig on it in case it was part of the quest. I dug for a bit and then got this "error message." Haha very funny!

And if you're wondering why I have yet another account, good question. Mainly for role playing purposes, which I am doing an awesome job of as of late! Although it really doesn't make sense unless I have members to do Herblore, I am just as content using the context of Runescape to get ideas for Mera Visi's early life. So it's a two-way deal! And, dunjuneering reminds me a lot of Terabi's Realm so that's fun on its own! :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Epic Leveling to 2200 // Why I Love Kayla

I did it! I was 4 levels short of 2200 yesterday and I managed to pwn it up and get 4 levels today!!

I awoke to a half-finished grack so I did that until it ran out and then went with Yana to do the penguins for the week. Turns out I had tons more points from random pengs I've spied last week so it cut 41k off my xp and left me 31k till. I then went off and pulled as many outfits out of my house as I could and also cut a few of my gem pile and filled a bucket with water, ate half a pie, etc in order to fill up my bank with junk. Once that was done I took out my astrals, laws, and pouches and then blocked them off with more junk so I could now hit 'bank all' and it would leave my pouches and those runes out. With that done I hopped on over to w70 Ourania and crafted many a rune. It's always funny going there and seeing everyone in an ardy cape and a mud staff. I swear, the logo of Lunars is the mud staff! XD

My hard work paid off and soon...

I had 80 Runecrafting!!!! YesyesYESYESYES!!!! C5Runes all the way babyyyy!!!!!!

Later in the day I figured now was as good a time as ever and with three tools left I headed to my house for some flatpack action. I ran out of planks so I sold some things to buy a couple more and, with ONE mog plank to spare...

Woop woop!! 90 Construction!! That's #11 to go into the 90's! :D

I was looking at what skills I was close to, and most of them are ones that level very slowly (Slayer and HP). Then I looked at my fletching and was only 30k to a level. Sweet! I got out my fletching knife and in the middle of the epic conversation going on in Canting I got a level!

Yay!! 84 Fletching! One more level until legit mage longbows! :D:D

At the end of the night I went back to the HH hunter area that Ultralisk set me up on and charged through my 33k xp until my next level and, after some big fireworks later...

I had 84 Hunter and 2200 total! Woop woop woop oh yeahhhh!!!

Here's a pic of my luuurvely stats at 2200:

Compare with 2100 achieved on June 11, 2010:

Yay 2 more 99's since then and only 2 skills under 80!

Now I want to present to you a very large scale Canting CC picmass I would like to call...

Why I Love Kayla

Right before this, she found out that her astrological sign changed with the random news that they changed it today or whatever. So she got mad and decided she was 101 years old because I guess this happened 100 years ago. Then the following 10-page masterpiece followed. Enjoy!

(this one repeated a few lines)

In the very last screenie of this 10-page convo I caught someone getting evil bobbed in the very top left corner. XD

I love when Canting is like this. So epic and so entertaining! This is why I love Kayla. She's sooo funny and creative and... crazy!! wubwubwub

Good night all!

Until next time...