Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hati Wolf: The Cute Attack Begins

I decided to go with my dad and fight this new Hati wolf. I didn't know what it meant, if it was something that I would go kill or what. It turns out it's slightly bigger than the Big Wolf on WWM and it shoots ice from its little mouth! Anyone can go up and attack it and lots of time is spent with people following each other running around looking for it. Once we came upon it...

(Me on the right in agil cape and Tanya on the left with the brown hair)

Oh goodness he's cuuuute!!!! Tanya came and joined us in the hunting and we met some pretty cool and diverse people while on the hunt. I got my mask and gloves on my 2nd kill and oh my goodness it is the cutest thing ever!!! So cute that I totally forgot to take a picture of the huge mass of wolf headed people. Eeeeee it has a little black nose!!! And he shoots ice from his little mouth!!!!@! And talks smack in Swedish!!! Awwwwww I'm in loveeee!!!! Ehehehehe!!

OK enough of being all girlie... lol... I'll get some cool pics of it tomorrow when I get back on again. For now, real life calls. Good night all!

Until next time...

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