Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Wolfie Goodness

I finally got an uber kewt pic of my wolf head when I logged on and then got to work taking advantage of the bonus xp from my Hati paws by hittin up the hellhounds!

Eeeeee it's SO CUTE!!!!!

When I equip them I get this awesome message:

Thrills for the fray!!!

I love these Hati paws!! When I wear them and kill stuff my avatar randomly growls. I love it! Ahaha it's a very nice touch and totally amusing and awesome. Even more awesome, I was leveling up my already close HP and Str twice a fast and before I even got to 90% the fireworks went off and I got a level:

Woop woop!! 97 Hitpoints!!! Only 2 more to go before I can has heart cape!

I was only killing hellies because I was in a clue scrollin mood. They dropped me 2, both with nearly identical rewards- 2 meerkat pouch, a rune full, 14 noted shark/lobs, and various other junk. More RFH's for my collection though! I also got Bork and Skelehorror done but they gave no long clues for me. Sigh. I should do Fling No Evil and get my free elite.

Another busy day tomorrow so I'm off for now but I leave you with this silly picture of someone taking advantage of the shade of clothing that matches the skin tone:

She was nude colored all the way down to her shoes! Nice name too...

Good night all!

Until next time...

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