Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everything Day

So the past 2 days I've been doing a little of everything! Last night ended with me and Vandyballer doing a nice medium floor 15. I've gained a smiffin level since I dunj'd last and was able to make some cooler gorg stuff so Vandy was more than happy to take a gorg longsword and helm. :D

Of course we had to strike a pose. :P Like my new default clothes? I think I look rather macho in this setup. Vandy looks like a stud!

This morning after doing a bunch of things I came across an evil elder tree on what I thought was "Krazy Jungle." I took my ninja greegree and an antipoison just in case because I had read the clue to the sapling and when I actually went back to the tree with my gear it was out. I saw a few monkeys and thought "Oh look at that. You can be a monkey on Kharazi Jungle now?" lolno. Oops this really is Ape Atoll and I didn't notice. I was about to get mad because I couldn't tele in since I'm on lunars now and had decided to replace my gorilla greegree which I unfortunately lost a few nights ago.

OK story time. A few nights back I chased down an evil elder tree and on another world just as my tree was ending a bunch of canters on another world found an elder tree of their own in Apeland so I grabbed my favorite greegree and did that tree too. Well, I had an inventory foll of double tree loot and oak logs and decided to teleport back to the cabbage patch to chop the oaks and yew there by the spirit tree patch. Well, the greegree unequips when you leave and since I had no space it fell on the ground. I didn't notice and it never entered my mind so by the time I noticed like half an hour later when my magic was almost gone it was obviously too late. It had unfortunately been trodden into the fertile ground and dissolved back to its maker. Dang. With this tree I decided to set off and make another. I forgot there was a fairy ring here now. Derp.

Thus I was led on Pie's Most Annoying Adventure 2011. First I geared up in my biggest pwnclothes so I could kill a gorilla for a bone. I was expecting it to take a long time and heal on me a bunch so I had Tanya ready to help. Well, like 10 hits of my whip and it died. Anticlimactic I know, and a far cry from the endless supply of hitpoints these guys provided me when I was training for 80 Defence. That was almost 2 years ago. Wow. Anyway with bones in hand I went over and bought the talisman and then went back to a bank and got geared up in my agile stuff to be as light as possible. Then, as a ninja monkey, I made my way through the trollin' tunnel to Zooknock. It was very frustrating, especially as I forgot that even as a monkey there are traps everywhere and rocks that fall. I brought no food, so I was losing health fast. Near the end, I came upon a trap that I was afraid to pass and thought I'd need a plank so I teled out.

(How glad I am that Levi is back and his usual self!)

I spent forever getting ready again and finally got back to the tunnel with food this time. I'm just glad I brought an anti, as I got poisoned in there by something.

(Notice the Levi-ism at the top!! Ehehe!)

As I was heading for the tunnel I thought of a great idea. I was just being totally random on purpose to not get myself all mad and worked up about this silly cave, so I said I wanted a pizza, leading to all this. I made my way thru the cave once more and at the spot with that trap I tried using my plank on it and nothing happened. I walked through without incident. Ughhh. I could've gone with no problem the first time... Oh well. As soon as I got to Zooknock I saw a gorilla come bounding through, with a purple dot on the minimap. I knew who it was. It was Levi. Then he traded me. He gave me a pizza. Oh how he makes my day so much! If only he could see the smile on my face! XD He then teled out without a word. He's so awesome!

I finally got my gorilla greegree back and went back to doing normal things on Runescape like farming. Eventually it was later in the day but the funny conversations just kept coming.

I dunno why, but I thought it was hilarious when she laughed at me calling myself a goon. :P

I had a meeting tonight that I was excited about, and... well you see.

Earlier in the day I had gone to Falador after my adventure on Apeland. I was banking so I coldn't see anything but this guy shouted "Peeeeeeeeep!" to which I shouted "Peeeeeek!" Somehow the three of us got talking and we hung out around Fally West for a long time just chatting about stuff. Oh yeah, I stat spied them for fun which broke the ice. XD A few minutes later one of them traded me and lent me 3a range legs until logout so I put them on and admired myself:

The one in the defence cape is scrumy llama and he gave me the legs. The other guy was Peep745 and he said he recognized me. He asked me if I ran with W46ATAT (this was on w46) and I said yes and he commented that I dressed like them. Hehe :P I told him that I actually found them by chance and had this very outfit before I even found them. The only difference was I had an untrimmed defence cape instead of my agile cape. We talked some more and then scrumy llama did the faint emote so I went "Amg you can do that??" and told him to follow me. He was skeptic at first, thinking it was some joke, but I did my ring around the rosy trick and we all fell down at the end. Hohoho! Funtimes. I love just hanging out with fellow Runescapians!

Whew! After that, me and Yana had planned to craft some astrals together so we decided to hop to the ZMI world since there would be people there to keep up company and possibly tele us back to the bank at the altar. As I was hopping I noticed that it had 1337 people on it!

How could I NOT take a pic of that!! :D

Yana was close behind me and as we got into the groove of it she was my taxi. :P

I'm under 100k until 80 now! I'm totally planning on it tomorrow. I also have 4 levels until 2200 total and lots of skills under 100k to go so I am planning to rock it! As I was making runes I realized I was 60k from 90 Magic! I broke down and actually decided to string amulets so I did some math, realized it would be like 760, and found over 800 gold bars in my bank. I spent some time at Y Ffwrnais crafting them up and then strung them for a while. I forgot about the circus so I ran over and did that really quick, getting a perfect run on the mage (and perfect agil and 9/10 on range) which got me to 5k till. A couple amulets later and boom boom I had my 10th skill hit 90!

Wewt!! And look what I can do! I can do something new in every spellbook! I remember like my first day of RS ever looking through the spellbook at the time and seeing Teleother Camelot as the highest level thing to do and thinking "ooooh that looks hard!" Teehee I am finally there! Woop woop! Not shown, I can also wear spiritbloom st00f finally! I can pick it now too so I can't wait to see it on some large floors! I can make pwetty clothes with it!

I have 2 more skills at 89... Which will hit 90 first? Slayer or con?? I'm *90*% sure it'll be con, as I've put off my task for like a week, but it's very close to leveling so who knows!!

Anyway I ended the night with more astral crafting and have a grack out at the nature altar right now waiting for me tomorrow. Just before I got on again to RC some more I hopped on Faerie Tana so I could change her outfit again for fun.

Before: "Halloween Outfit"

After: "Kirby... But Goth"

I love the pink, I love the straps, I love that my default gray boots match my cuffs, I love Kirby, I love this outfit!! If the sleeves didn't stay with tank tops on over them I'd totally try this out on Pie. I think it's cuddly and totally what I had in mind! :D

Haha just a quick story really quick. Right after I chose this outfit I stepped outside of the shop and a noob goes "Wanna go out?" I just said "Babe..." followed a few moments later by "I'm already going out with Zezima." He just goes "Ok sorry" and runs away! XD

Good night all! Hopefully I'll have lots of levels tomorrow!

Until next time...

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