Monday, January 17, 2011


I didn't play at all today. I'm beating my RS addiction hohoho!!! I spent the day getting ready for skool which starts tomorrow and playing RCT making a new park. So in the unlikely event that anyone missed me, I'm still here! As long as we're still talking about real life, I might as well add that I also have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I will most likely be getting my tonsils out. Yay! Maybe I'll finally not choke on WATER!

Anyway, yesterday I dunjneered almost all day and finally the fruits of my labors paid off and I got 68 Dunj!!

I'm like... 400 tokens shy of a scroll of cleansing. I'll have to remedy that the next time I get on. I also ran some agility for a while with my new friend Knuckles260 who I met at Heim after me and my dad finished that big floor we duo'd at 1 in the morning. He's going for 99 and has 96 so I supported him by going out to Barb with him. He mysteriously vanished like 10 minutes later and lever returned so I laughed and then went back to dunj. XD

Anyway as I was doing some floors late into the night I decided to humor Yana by making some Inception references. Enjoy!

Good night all! Morning awaits, but there's no way I'll be able to sleep... GF internal clock + excitement. Oo, and also, Avicile Mohaili had her 2nd baby today. Wewtttt!!!

Until next time...

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