Monday, January 31, 2011

Spur of the Moment

After the unwanted contents of someone else's bank fell from my shorts in Heim I picked up, among other things, a black full helm. Then I got a random urge to go buy the rest of a black set and go pwn the wraith for a bit. The last time I went was with Kitty Molly and we teamed up on it.

(back when I had a quest cape... crycry ;-; )

Taking turns praying the tank... Kitty's tanking!

It was way fun and with lootshare going it was a total blast. I forgot what level the wraith even was but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was lvl 129. I'm 130. Woot left click!!

I love being free to wear whatever shoes I want so flippers were the obvious choice. XD

As I was preparing for this bit of fun Peeky logged in!!!!!! Oh how I have missed him! I last saw him when I got 99 attack. We picked up right where we left off and made no shortage of making each other laugh.

Well tomorrow is the big day. The big fail return of the wilderness and free trade. I'm apprehensive excited for tomorrow. I foresee many bugs, loads of RWTing and bug abuse, and a few rollbacks so I prolly won't be on for a few weeks... or maybe I will just dunj...

As it is January 31st here are my January Hiscores:

Among cool things, I got 2200 total! :D Been working on Dunj a bit as well. Won't be long before I have 70+ all again! Hopefully I'll have 80+ all to follow that in the next few weeks. :D:D

Good night all!

Until next time...

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