Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bits of Funny

It's been a rather eventful few days. Yesterday I ran with ORT at Brim for a change and it was fun! Even though there were only 4 of us we had a great time and it took me back to September 09 when I totally nolifed this course until I could go to Gnomey.

Of course the cc was in hilarious mode as I was running and I caught some funny things:

Yo mah name is Unitedstatesofamericantisha!

Out of context this looks racist... sorry about that... it's totally not. I did love the name of the black Elf Queen though! XD

Then some stuff happened including me teleing to fally patch just as someone told another person to sing to his herbs to make em grow. So I of course started singing to my herb, which led to him saying he told his herbs they were gonna be important in pray pots one day and make him rich but they wouldn't listen. XD Much later, Ultralisk taught me how to get some really fast hunter xp that also gives rocks. It's so easy, just like an agility course. It took a few minutes of setup and them boom! I might go for the higher level stuff soon! First time at HH too!

I never got my hunter rocks... ;-; Must press on! I'll prolly level to 84 before I get them...

Then I went to bed and completely changed my mind in the morning of what I was gonna do and decided it was the perfect time to spend 1.5m on swamp toads and use up my 3500 gold charms. This alone got me over 300k xp and with just a couple more loads of random things in my bank I could make pouches with I finally got another surprise summoning level!!

Yayayay!! 86 Summoning!! I happily took out all 69 rune bars Ive been hoarding for years and pouched them all up. That got me a good 50k xp and made me a happy pie. :-) Next stop, a pretty pony!

In the middle of that I decided to have a little fun and entertain a bad habit. Can I just say....
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you....
I made Mera Visi on R00nscape!!!
And he's lookin fine too!

Making a new account is very different now. You start by giving your email address and a password. After that you go to play now and enter that and then it takes you to a new screen where you choose what "type" of adventurer you are i.e. it has those new default clothes as sets. I chose herblorist since Mera Visi is a master of herblore and from there you choose the skin and hair and can change the clothes around and stuff. He looks pretty accurate except for his blasted hair! Oh well, the warrior style (Used on Jeffrey Peak until I changed him to reflect his personage) looks good enough. I may play around later. Only then do you choose your account name. I guess this is so changing your name is easier if you become a member.

The tutorial is brand new, although I did it once because Jeffrey Peak (although created earlier) didn't actually log in and do the tutorial until it was all redone. Only now, every dialogue has full voice-overs. Ahaha it's awesome! I kind of wish more quests were like that... Imagine if nomad actually shouted pathetic. Oooooo! It took forever, like it always does to someone who is not new to the game, but the voice-overs were funny. Once on RS I did some tasks and then got bored of it. It's hard to start a noob until you get everything up to 10 or so. Later I went back and did Blood Pact.

Doing tasks made me want to do some more on Pie so I got back on and set off to do the Varrock elites that I could but never got around to doing. I made my earths, backfired the dagon hai spell...

...and did the sawmill! Man, it's actually quite easy and fun! I will definitely be back here later! Nuthin funnier than a tall, thin bear with huge flippers cutting planks!

Tomorrow I dunno what I'll actually do but I want to plan on getting 89 con. I'll have to endure and shove some sc down my throat but I'm so close! I did it with craft I can do it for con!

At 2am, I better go so I stop getting u at 1pm... Good night all!

Until next time...

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