Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scroll of Mera Visi

Busy day today with the new semester starting and all that jazz! I did 2 floors and finally got enough tokens to go to the twitchy rewards trader and obtain a copy of the records kept by Mera Visi, carefully documenting some special herblore procedures. I'm talking the Scroll of Cleansing!

As I read this ancient Keoen scroll my mind was enlightened greatly as I discovered some hidden keys to making potions with less ingredients. As soon as I finished, his voice rang in my ears and the scroll vanished from my hands. The secret is mine!

I cleaned my kingdom and then set to work on it. I had 66 unfinished toadflax pots and 60 nests. I ended up with an extra nest every round of 14, for 4 extra pots made! Woohoo! I am loving this already! It's so nice that there are some cool rewards for skillers like myself... :D

I have some pretty important real life news to share... after going to the doctor today, they told me what my main doctor told me. I'm going into surgery in just 2 months... to get my tonsils out. Yes ladies and gentlemen at the ripe old age of 22 I am finally getting my throat castrated! I'm very happy about this because I've had problems swallowing for years. My tonsils are HUGE! I've never been in a hospital before so I am kind of excited! The snip-snip will be just 3 days after my birthday. Happy birthday to me! XD I am really hoping I recover quickly, as I really have no school to miss. Oh, and today was also my first day of the new semester! Things are going well, although I still feel pretty invisible. Owell, lots going on!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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