Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Post 2011 :)

Teehee! *sings in an ILEN-esque fashion* It's a braaaand newww yearrrr and I got the whoooole world in front of meeee. Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh babyyyyy we started with slayahhhhhh!! *trumpet solo from Harper!!!* ...ok that will stop now... XD

Today I did my garg task. If course I forgot my rock hammer so I just went next door to abby demons, grabbed a few piles off the ground, went to Kuradal, bought one, and was back on my way. I set my SS to smash and was soon quickly gaining lovely str expeez. Learn from my fail... when you step over a barrier to keep a garg from attacking as you hop for an open world, don't go to blues with a sara sword... when you log in, they will attack you and decide to throw in the 1% chance that they'll actually breathe fire on you... I only got hit double 120, but you could be fried. It was stupid too, because I packed my anti dragon shield so that I could run through the metals, and didn't wield it when I went. Anyway, for future reference, just go to abby demons to hop.

Moving on, Tanya also had gargs so we found a world and got right on it! I haven't gotten a gmaul in like 4 tasks and she finally got one so I commented that it had been forever since I had one. As I said that I was sure right in that moment I'd get one... and 2 kills later I did! XD

Epic timing is epic! I used it too and hit an orange square every time! Wewt!

I now have 4 mith dragons. I'm really hoping I can do it all in one task. I melee these because for me it's slightly faster than ranging them. Leaf bladed sword, DFS, Karils, and a Shelley filled with sharks help me take them down. Maybe I'll get something good! :D

I then decided to go work on my court case. When I got it I still had 2 days left before I could do it and when I looked it was ready so I got it done. I chose to defend, because I felt like getting some defence expeez, and I got something unexpected with my reward:

Yayay!! Barrister top! It looks pretty hawt too so I'll have to use it in one of my thieving outfits or a cool costume. :D I got a water talisman from the box too. Excellent!

Well I'm off early tonight, because I got things to do bright and early in the mornin. See ya later!

Until next time...

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