Friday, December 31, 2010

Through Pie's Eyes: 2010 in Review

What a huge year, and how awesome for it to be completely locked forever inside the words of this blog. :D Lots of things happened, many of which I didn't expect. Enjoy a look back on 2010 as well as some other things...

First, here's a quick recap of my goals and wishes for 2010:

Armour Goals:
Full bandos- Check! I got my tassets in April and my chestplate in May, completing my newest look!
Full Arma- Decided I didn't range enough to warrant buying it, so that one's still on the rocks. :P
DFS- Check!! My first big purchase ever, I finally broke through the layer into cash by the mills and bought it for cheap during the armour crash for the first DXPW.

Skill Goals:
99 Agility- Check!!! Definitely the highlight of my RS life, I achieved this milestone exactly 3 weeks before my birthday, and what an amazing day it was!
99 Construction- Put off for Crafting, but I've got loads of planks in my bank and foresee much SC and of course effigy unwrapping in the not-too-distant future! :D I end 2010 at level 88.
99 Mining- No longer an immediate goal, but I go chip away at it every so often. I did get 92 so I'm halfway there at least! :D
99 Cooking- Check! I got this on my birthday, completed in like a week form 90. I've worn the cape maybe like 3 times... XD
99 Crafting- Check!! The one I was unsure about, as it competed with con, eventually won out due to being able to sell back what I made and get enough back to reuse that money until dry. I got it making a pipe in Trouble Brewing! I leveled earlier than I planned... Oops... :P
99 Farming- I never really actively went for this, just doing herb runs and the good trees from kingdom mostly, but I do have 91 so I can do the lower level effigies!
91 Rhoonkreftin- Not close, but thankfully I end the year at 79. Only about 100k to 80!! The new open bank thing will make it easier and I would bet I'll have that next year. I've been using all my dragonkin lamps on it since I got 99 crafting which is helping immensely as well. :D
90-99 Attack- Yessss!! I got 99, for my 5th Skillcape! It ended up being an awesome cape and I love the emote! Because I attempted 99 so passively it actually took longer than 99 Defence did! XD
90-99 Strength- Not quite, but I now have a Sara Sword and have finally gotten the levels I want to begin training it. I would bet this will show up in 2011! I barely turned over 86 so I have a long ways to go but it will go fast I'm quite sure. :P
89 Prayer- I didn't ever train it so it didn't go that high, but I did slip in a level before the new year to break 80!
85-90 Slayer- Wewt! I am 117k shy of 90 at this time so in a few tasks this will be golden!
80 Fletching- Done! I don't even remember when... XD Oh here it is! I actually end off with 83.
All skills 80+ - Sooo close! I just have 3 more to go! Dunj came out in the middle of the year and I have 67 but as I solo I don't level very fast. A few days of 5:5 large oughtta help get that up to 80. Other than that, 78 Thief and 79 RC won't be hard at all!
129 Combat- Achieved just 2 days ago with my 86 Str. :D
92 Summoning- I didn't go that high, but I did get 85 and have enough charms to push at least 2 levels most likely... :D
92 Smiffin- I never really trained this besides the gold ore I did to make amulets with but I managed to forge out 85 recently. :D
85 Woodcutting- Done, and blown out of the water! I have 90!
92 Firemaking- Screw that... I'm lucky to have 87. XD
80-99 Ranged- Well, I ended up with 82 somewhere, but can't find the post. XD
94 Magic- Pretty close! Thanks to nothing but teleporting and fire waving metals, I got 89.
2100+ Total Level- Easily beat! I'm almost 2200!
83 Hunter- I got exactly this!! :D

Other Goals:
Ardy Elite done-Nah, but close...
Mackenzie (my steel dragon)- Not quite, because I quit con for craft, but I'm back and ready!
Further establish myself in the RS world- How do you really define this? I suppose I did but I still have a long ways to go...
Further my blog and make more friends- I certainly did that! :D Thanks fellow readers!
Make some RS videos that are good- I think I did that... Go to my YT channel and see for yourself what you think...
Unlock all the musics- I keep getting so lose and then they add more st00f that takes me forever to get... like those high lvl dunj floors... XD
Out of the 4 people I really wanted to meet, I got in touch with 3 of them! One of which is now added and although she doesn't play much anymore we do talk when we're both on. :D

My Top 10 Events of 2010:
10. Green whip!! Green Pie's green whip is green. :D
9. The Unicorn Mask. Even though I sold it at about half of its GE price, this thrust me into the realm of green money for good!
8. The Halloween and Christmas events. Both were sooo awesome!
7. Champion Scroll!!! Woot! After soo many years I finally got one, and could go unlock music. :P
6. The Green Dragon Mask. Woot, something I actually wanted, and gotten for free!! Thank you kind iron dragon!!!
5. The day I got the drive back to finish off 99 Agility. Vancouver Olympics FTW!!
4. Finally getting dragon items as drops!!! Oh, and the hex and focus sight too!
3. The day my dad got 4 skillcapes in about 5 minutes. How's that for OCD even training!!
2. Meeting Tanyakins. Really, it was like finding a sister. We've had so many adventures and I hope they keep coming in 2011! Here is the first post where her name turns up in my blog. :D
1. Getting 99 Agility. Like I said before, this was pretty much the highlight of my RS life. I will never forget the day I walked the plank and trimmed my Defence cape. :D

There's plenty more... It was hard to find 10!

My Hiscores as they will appear on the big 2011:

Some Goals for 2011:
99 Construction
99 Strength
99 Hitpoints
99 Farming
91 Rhoonkreftin
80-90 Dunj
90 Summoning
20m Agility xp
96 Magic
95 Slayer
Get Quest Cape back...

Those are the biggies I have... We'll see how things go down! :D

One of my goals also is to play a bit less... I'm finally on a level where I don't feel like I have to drown myself with RS to pass the time. I'll still post often but not once a day because I might not play much on a given day. I'm not quitting either so don't flood my inbox with "D:" faces. I'm off to go celebrate... by lighting off some highly colorful and explosive devices. See y'all in 2011!

Until next time...


  1. awwwwwwwwwww :wub: You're one of my big 2010 highlights too Piepie! <3333333

  2. Gratz on everything Ms Pie. 2011 will be better };-)