Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chatting With The Peeps

Today I decided to do some slayer so I got to work on my veld task. Nothing interesting after the effigy drop... I did get 4 pairs of black boots though. :D

After that I helped Squiretomwa do Regicide:

I'm so tired that I kept mildly getting lost and paths were totally not like how I remembered. We still made it to Iowerth and all over to Tyras and he soon finished the quest. Woot!

I then got 49 steels for a slayer task so I geared up and headed over there. I had just lent out my tassets too so I was even more glad that I had a task where I could wear something else.

I met someone there named Eskimo Tiff who was very nice. We chatted on and off and she ended up getting THREE court summons drops! XD I got a clue scroll on my first kill but was too tired to go do it for a chance at an elite. I prefer to just grind slayer tasks into the ground so I did so, getting 2 loops and that lvl 3 clue in the process, among lots of rune limbs and other goodies. Another guy named Andrew 47 showed up and we discussed skills and such, and of course the tyical "OMG your dad plays RS?" conversation that always comes up... lol :P

As for real life, I got everything DONE off my list! My presentation went well and of course youtube took forever to load so a gal in the class told me that she knows it (she's a piano major) and as all rooms have a piano I was able to have a live performance of my piece! Hehe it was a very nice impromptu touch. Get it?? Hahahaha my piece was Impromptu in Ab Major!!! Yeah not that funny but it was awesome how it worked out. I got that form done and did my psych final. Now I don't have anything big until Friday when I do my Chinese presentation. Sweeet!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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