Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elite Clue, Op. 8

aaaaaand an anticlimactic elite #8 at that!!!

So there I was, doing my iron task so I could move on with my life and get attack xp. They dropped pretty much nothing at all and I managed to tank the whole task except for the last 9, when I had to leave because I ran out of antifire. -.-

Wellll.... Sometime in the middle there I got a clue-with-an-appendage drop! Woot! My first from a metal dragon! After my task I set off to do it. First it was in the deep wildy so I ran around and almost got eaten by 2 orks and a knight right at the lever. I hid, logged to eat dinner, and came back and found it up by the scorpion pit. Then I was off to Frem caves not once but THREE times!!! And the first and third time were in the same place! The 2nd time it was riiiight at the entrance of the cave. lol :D I also had a piscatoris scan which I found faster than last night and uhhhh uhhhhhhh uh oh yeah an elfland scan. Haha I used my crystal, clicked the clue, and the arrow glowed 2 steps away. Woot! My entire clue was nothing but scans, because I jinxed it by saying "I prefer compass clues."

The whole thing took maybe an hour, even less. I got my casket and went to Edgy where I opened it and.........


Luckily it's all stuff I use so I'm not mad. Also, even though it was only a 200k value I much prefer the fun of doing clues to the actual rewards. Those sawmill teles and palm will come in handy, and the laws and nats definitely will.

I have my history final and jury tomorrow so basically I'm going to be living in a practice room. Well, not really, but I will be running through my piece a few times. Then after a billion years of waiting I'll get to perform my solo in front of the brass faculty. It's a nice easy one this year and I'm not one to beat myself over things so I plan to just go in, grind it out, and get the freak outta there! Of course, not before thanking and paying my wonderful accompanist. She rocks!

Other than my jury I got my final in music history and after looking at the study guide I am kind of going WTF. All he had were 5 questions that we will answer in essay form. I have no idea if it's going to be all 5 or pick 1 or 2 or what... Plus, all of them are stuff that we..... didn't cover in class. Like really, there's a big ol question about Schubert and we ended lectures at Beethoven. Good thing I studied Schubert for my paper so I can answer that question fairly confidently. The others though... I'm like... at a loss for words. Looks like I'll be reading the textbook for a while before I go in. I hope it goes well...

Anyways I leave with you this funny from the other day. We were talking about the 120 dunj cape when I personally don't like. This led to some interesting ideas... };-)

I can totally see the RC cape dropping random runes as you run by. And thieving dropping little coins... maybe slayer dripping some blood... farming having some petals fall... maybe the logo should be animated too! Oh the fun of strange ideas!

Today was a milestone day for a little boy named Elstan as well!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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