Friday, December 17, 2010

Of Attack and Laughs

What a day!! Finally, with mostly a whole day to play, I got lots and lots of pics!

First, I killed zombies for a while before Zach finally alerted me to the fact that I could just melee baby black dragons in the chaos tunnels. So, I took him up on that and my task was over in like 15 minutes. XD There were three adorable little noob clones there killing greens which was nice cuz it got them off the black drags so I could attack them faster. They had on matching granite bodies and dragon everything else. Bot or not, they were adorable!

Then I got velds for my next task so I gladly headed on up and watched my xp till 99 go down down down!

I met a guy named 1Killerfate who was pretty nice and we chatted some. Chocobo came up the tower three times, twice forgetting the craft effigy he had. I was afk and came back to him saying "crap I forgot it!" and 1Killerfate going "I take it u know him..." LOL!! XD

I took a break to do the court summons that I've had forever. I don't even remember what dropped it, but prolly an iron dragon. It was HAM vs Goblin and when I looked at the rewards.... Whoa!! 15k attack xp!! I totally need that!! I decided to dress up in my best defensive attire, perfect since I was prosecuting! XD

Hawt! I wonder if I could show up to real court that way! :P

I totally captured the hearts of everyone with my summary and argument of the case... and my Trollweiss. :P

Soon I was done with some very naise rewards. :D

After that I decided to go play some more pest control just for a change of scenery. I "crashed" the pro pest control team so that I would have a 95% chance of winning the game. Like yesterday, I took my normal pwnclothes with my agile cape and sara sword. I got Plur and Ragerun to go with me and we played a bunch of games.

Awwwww adorable helm on the guy in the gilded!!! :3

Instant meme!

Me with my SS on the right and my twin agile sister on the left with an SGS.

It was funny... I did my agile emote and the quiet, cranky boat suddenly erupted into "z0mg agility is the best skill ever! So pro!! Awesome cape!!" I then started doing my favorite emote (trick) and got like half the boat to follow:

I'm near the front left of the boat with my hands in the air... :P

Once I had gotten 200 pest points all cashed in and after a quick farm run I decided to go after that dragon defender. It was still pretty crowded and I had to compete a few times but I was finally able to actually hit one. I got 2 cycolossus which beat the living crap outta me but after that 2nd one died....
Bing! Dragon defender!!!

With that gotten I made my way around the various towns putting together a beautiful outfit to wear with my Ajjat cape. What better thing to do than make a skiller outfit with a combat cape! I'll be showcasing it at W46ATAT on Monday. :P

Sneak peek of my outfit whilst modeling the Ddef :D

Oh boy I am tired. I got up early and played at gradjamacation. Luckily it was a very quick ceremony this time and I didn't completely kill my face! Now I'm done and have a whole month to do lots of things, like finally get around to doing those RSMV's I've had in the works! I am typing sooooo badly right now... Luckily I catch stuff before I sent if off... (I just spelled off as ott) I am exhausted and should go to bed. Oh yeah, I'm getting a 99 tomorrow!

I leave with you some funnies from the text:

I hopped to find an open veld world and upon logging in, Coss says "L" and... the rest followed soooo smoothly!

Something that made me laugh out loud for no real reason. Flat nose! ;- ;_)

A bunch of funnies in one. First, a rhyming Taylorism at the top (where he rhymes something 3 times) which was funny by itself, but then this epic conversation about electronics followed and I just HAD to capture it in a pic! A computer in my computer so I can play while I play?? Golden!

Teehehehe good night all! Ajjat Cape tomorrow! I can has powpowpow flipper kick to da faceeeee!!! I wish Peeky and Kitty were here to see it... ;-; Owell... Off to bed!

Until next time...

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