Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Big 89

Well it continued to snow and snow and snow and for the first time ever I had a snow day. I of course was not happy, as I was rather looking forward to class. Oh well, I got all my homework done early and don't feel bad for sleeping in because my parents wouldn't drive to class in the morning. :D

Soooo... I played a little RS! I started off with me heading to the warrior guild, animating my rune armour and getting a stash of 1k tikkitz in preparation for this month's release of the dragon defender. Merchy got online too and was free for my con effigy so I went to her house and got it!! Woohoo!!! 13k until 79 rc now! I need to go do pengs...

I then did my LRC slayer task which was boring as always but I started this funny. I circled all the parts of the convo rather than editing it all up because I got lazy. :P Basically I was playing along and noticed an actual housefly frozen to my window screen. :o

I even took a picture of said fly! XD Look at all the snow outside! We got like 4 inches!

Perched and totally frozen... Hmm...

I then got this funny of Tanya in her blanket cave and us playing with words:

I took a break in the middle of my task to farm and do my court summons which I completely forgot to mention like 100 posts ago that I got from Abby Demons along with my Shield Left Half. It was Sawmill vs the people and it was pretty fun I guess... I got teaks for the reward which is always nice, as I am getting my con up!

Much later I got 90 iron dragons for my task! Tanya had 3 left so we went together for a brief time after I crafted 400 bloods myself, taking 1k with me:

I soon got into a rhythm and the killing went down quite fast. Suddenly, fireworks! Amg, what did I level??? Ooo!! 89 Mage! I even actually got a pic of the level this time!

Wooooooowie when did I become such a high level mage!!?!

I continued on, getting noting of great interest except a loop half to go along with my toof half I got some time ago, when fireworks again??!?!? OK, I have NO IDEA what this could be... Holy crap, 89 Slayer!!!!

Whoaaaa! One level from dark beasts!

I leave with you my hiscores from the end of November, with two levels gotten today... Woo!

756 agility... Amg!! 7.8k craft!

Eeeee in other news I am trying to make a percussion arrangement of Soundscape. FTW!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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