Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Green Dragon Mask.

Everyone knows that I think the dragon masks are adorable, and everyone knows that green is my favorite color. Well, I logged in and after charging through my irons task I was left with a toof half, 2 91 rc effigies and a clue scroll. The effigies were excitedly handed to Jaxana, who got 95 rc from them and a quick run of nats, the toof half was fitted with one of my many loops, getting me a dstone and 3 r00n bars richer, and the clue was put off for several hours.

I finally got around to doing it and eventually found myself in that elemental room searching a crate. Up popped the rewards and there, in the bottom of that crate, was this:

I was quite calm but extremely happy. D mask, check! Good luck on the clue, check! GREEN!!! Check!!! Yayayyyy!!!! I was tickled pink and ran out to get my dad and show him. Of course, I let loose in chat, although I was less visibly excited than the cc spam would indicate. I just wanna remember this special moment that I shared with the latenighters of Canting:

This means that thanks to an awesome outfit I saw on the Jagex facebook page, I can be The Grinch whenever I want. For free. Woooot!!! :D I'm keepin this cutie around for probably ever! Into my costume room it goes! I'm just so happy! Orix, thank you for the luck!! :D

Good night all!

Until next time...

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