Friday, December 24, 2010

Jeffrey Peak Does Holiday Event

Since the test run was on Pie, I thought I'd do it on Jeffrey Peak so I could slow it down and take lotsa pics. Easily my favorite holiday event so far! Enjoy the story:

First I had to talk to Mr. Crittersmash. Shhh, Santa is in disguise!

For the first room I had to tap the musical icicles. Because I have perfect pitch, this room was extremely easy. All I did was type the notes in my chat as I heard them and was off flawlessly tapping them back. Hehe.

Next I was off to the statue room. I play Jeffrey with public off but I was thoroughly enjoying all the raaaage going on when I did it on Pie. Everyone was cussing and whatnot and I was just laughing and enjoying the thrill of the challenge.

I got so close a few times and then decided to grab my camera and film a bit:

As you can see it ended up being my perfect run almost right away! I got super lucky a few times there!

Next I was off turning into an adorable seal!!

Since I knew what I was doing this time around I didn't fall into a hole once! :D

After that was the weird room with the portals. I totally missed the skates when I did it on Pie! XD
Finally I appeared at the biggest, baddest heim crab of them all- Salty Claws!

I skated onto the ice and scooped him up into a bukkit.

The item of which made me laugh!

I was soon back to Crittersmash and completed the quest for the 2nd time!

I has a hat!! XD

Merry Christmas everyone! I cannot wait to wake up to Reeces Mini Peanutbutter Cups, our traditional sausage links, and cinnamon rolls!!! Plus the winter festival starts at 5pm so it will be a day of festivities!

Until next time...

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