Friday, December 3, 2010

I Am Full Of Pie

I am Full Of Pie.
I wonder how many people see me and thing “WHOA It’s Full Of Pie from that blog!!!!”
I hear a star before the shadow even appears on the ground.
I see myself in my agility cape doing the ownage emote!
I want to be even more helpful than I already am.
I am Full Of Pie.
I pretend that I am on a crazy adventure in the land known as RuneScape.
I feel such joy in helping others.
I touch the lives of many more than I could possibly know.
I worry that I am not doing enough or that I am doing the wrong thing.
I cry when I am frustrated with people.
I am Full Of Pie.
I understand it’s just a game...
I say that kindness goes further than arrogance.
I dream of becoming a mod so that my desire to help is even more readily recognized.
I try hard to experience everything the game has to offer.
I hope that I have given good advice.
I am Full Of Pie.

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