Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bone Burn Levelup

Today I didn't play much because I went and participated in some real life, but I did my hellhound task, did my clue, and got a court summons. :P In 2 days I can go help out frog prince vs the ppl..

Later, after discovering I had a ton of peng points I cashed them on prayer and then did this week's for the first time in like 4 months and cashed those in. With all that done I was 15k till a sparkling 80 prayer so I bought 300k worth of dragon bones and in 2 trips...

I got 80 prayer! Woop woop!!!!

Fred started spamming the chat, which made my day all the more better so I took a pic. :-)

Well tomorrow is the last day of 2010... Crap, that means I gotta post about my goals and the year in review... Oh well, I got lots to talk about! :D Good night all!

Until next time...

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