Monday, December 6, 2010

Epic Slayer Task

I finally caved in and canceled that wyvern task... I'll never get 99 attack if I never DO anything and heck I have over 2k points... I can be spoilt and picky if I want! Well, Kuradal was in a good mood because I got desert strykes!!! Well over 100 of em too!! I headed off hoping for some great luck and good xp. I'm 200k till 98 already!

It started out normal enough but let's just say things took a turn for the epic pretty fast. I got a clue almost right away but it was a lvl 3 so I ran off and did it real fast. It's sooooo unbelievably nice to be at a point where I am both knowledgeable and strong enough to complete a lvl 3 clue scroll in about 10 minutes. Emote here, dig there, done! I got another clue shortly after I got back so I did that one too. When I returned I was chatting with a fellow with an untrimmed agility cape when FINALLY I got a drop I've been waiting forever for:

Focus sight babyyyy!!!!!!! I was so happy and let all 2 people know about it! The agility guy (I shoulda written his name down =/) told me he got one his last task and then like a kill later he announced he just got one also. Then, like a kill after that I got another one. Yeah, after like 6 dry tasks Guthix made up for it by giving me TWO!! :D

After that excitement went away I got yet another clue scroll which I quickly did also. I got a rune platebody out of all of em! XD I returned, hoping for an elite aaaand.....

I got one!!!

Nothing hugely great, but right when I started this post that ornament kit sold for 2.1m so with that plus the 800k for the two focus sights I made an easy 3m today! I'm still planning to get a start on con once things calm down so look out world! I added some random footage at the end of me dodging strykes. There was a particular angle that looked awesome and of course I messed it up the first two times, getting hit 300. :P It looks pretty cool anyway and I got some imps. Also, there was a guy there named Rubber S0ul so it was nice to be reminded of Kieryn, as that was her username, backwards. :-)

At the end of the day, I was pretty dang happy with the turn of events!

Good night all! Fairly low key day tomorrow... just a rehearsal with my accompanist and two presentations to put together and I should be right on target!

Until next time...

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