Saturday, December 4, 2010

Randomness This December Day

Lots of random things going on the past few days... I've mostly been skilling and doing everything in my power to avoid my wyvern task... XD

Finally it was time for my weekly killing of the Skelehorror in hopes of an elite again. I decided to change it up and use my whip and DFS instead of my SS and also brought sharks instead of monks because it was the food at hand. Well I'll be... DFS makes all the difference in the world! I ate a total of 1 shark. This is compared to my usual scramble and eat as fast as I can because the skelehorror has hit me for 250 like 3x in a row... I was amazed! I also got a great pic of me entering the ring:

Ominous dark flippers!

No clue, so I went to Bork and he didn't give me one either. Poo. I then went back to farming and stuff like that and decided to tackle all the ore I got from my lrc task which took a while, especially since I made cballs out of all my steel. Among that time, Zachman decided to change his name to something oddly familiar... It actually took me a bit to figure it out, since I thought the weird name was some Pokemon or something. Here he is, as it was intended. See if you can spot him!

"What's your name backwards?"

Today I got my groove on and charged forward, netting the last bit of xp I needed for this:

Wooooot!! 79 Runecrafting!!! Just one more level and it'll be only 3 skills under 80! Wowie I am such a non-noob now! :P

After that I got a message from an old friend, Alpha City, inviting me to his 99 wc party. I met this guy when he still had his original name, a long time ago! We met when he needed help on a quest and I was the first person with a quest cape he saw. Oh those were the days... Now he's a mod and we both currently can't wear our capes. Anyway, I couldn't resist and I was off to Wilfred to see him chop to a cape!

Fireworks just went off! My message is the obvious Kayla/Zach message in green... :P

I had to get a pic of his new sweet cape before I left so here he is with a friend behind him and me in my Goldsmiffin gear featuring the loved bearhead and bazooka. I got more comments on that outfit today than ever. :P Gratz Alpha!! You rock!

As the day went on I did more smiffin, scoped out a star, farmed, and played Temple Trekking among other things and caught some good funnies and conversations:

Zach explaining why I can be called a nerd even though I never played Pokemon. :P

Tanya got 3 effigies on her task and was excited about being able to do 91 agility ones soon. According to Herty (There) I can boost to 93 with a -6 stew! XD

In the always funny words of Kayla, "WTF!! I'm so proud of you!"

Concert tomorrow... After this I just have my jury and commencement left and then I'll be done with concerts for a while!! I swear I've had at least a concert or gone to a recital once a week since mid-October. :o And I'm only in 3 groups!! Not 6 like I was 2 years ago... Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. Im in canting for like .5 seconds and you still manage to catch me saying silly things lol. Im suprised the Merch Minecraft convo didn't end up here =p. I love you pie pie@@@@@ and ur blog <#