Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lotsa Expeez Today

Today I finally bought enough gold ore to finally get that last 3k or so xp to get a very good level indeed:

W000t!! I can now smiff r00n stuff! By that, I basically mean I can smelt my own ore that I mine into my own bars. Woot! 85 Smiffin's a good one!

After that I force fed myself some SC. I went to the real world where I played a game. The one thing that I hate most about SC is just the length of the games. They drag on and 20 minutes is a long time... I found my twin in Varrock West Bank on the way there though:

Her name was Lexiii and she had on a sara stole, agile, and her cape and when I showed up she ran and grabbed more identical items out of the bank!

Later in the night I made myself play some Fast SC. As much as I hate it, the worth of cutting the cost of 99 con in half is of much greater value so I sucked it up and went in. I swear, it's all bickering. Believe me, if I could stay in Canting when I played I would but I can't. I'm happy that the leaders put up with all the button-pushing, pking, and other crap to keep it safe but it makes it sooo hard to put up with. I must admit, the spammer talking about his itchy balls was pretty funny.

After 3 games that felt like forever, I had all the tools I needed to get 88 Construction and after a very short time I was there. Oh, I got my 2nd con rock in the middle of it. It arrived so late that I assumed I had gotten it already, because I went through an entire hammer from the legit game earlier with nothing. After using all my unnoted planks in a serving and having one more to make before leveling, I decided not to bother using my wad of mog notes on the butler and went to Varrock where I leveled from adding the stones to my statue, which is like 438,463 weeks behind.Yay! 88 Con! As I can basically boost 6 in my house, all this stuff I can make is old news. Roll on, 91!

After getting my level, I headed back to the bank to stew up for a +5 con boost to try and do my 93 con effigy. Luckily, orange spice is the most common and I was already loaded with spice and stew. It only took 4 stews and there it was! 20k free xp. The next was 95 mining/smiffin and I coulda gone and gotten my cay out of my house and caught the brown rats but Ultralisk piped up and said he could do it for me so I gladly agreed. He got his xp and I moved on to 97. I was hoping so much it would be agility and as I investigated I saw the phrase "deftness and precision" and with lots of @@@ for joy I got myself 30k more agility xp!! Woot! Both of em from dragons were 97 agil! Yay yay yay!! After that I promptly used my lamp on rhoonkreftin and immediately afterward I got the pheasant random so I got another 790 xp on top of the 24k. Woot! Huge xp gains today! :D

I foresee a ton of sc in my future... and if I get boots from my spirimage task, lots of mog planks! Good night all!

Until next time...

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