Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ajjat Partay

Spent the day alternating between Pest Control and Zombies, getting Attack xp the n00b way! It paid off and I'm well under 400k till the big 99! I am still planning to get this lovely 99 on Saturday in my house. I have no idea what time so be there if you can and if not it really is ok. It might be fun... haha...

Today I had just a short rehearsal for playing at graduation tomorrow. Yay, I get to get up early and then completely destroy my face! Then, I'm rewarded with a month off! Yay!

Today there was a new person in Canting, whose name escapes me, who had read and enjoys many of our blogs. Yay!! I wasn't in the best of moods today so I forgot to write down his name but I'm sure he'll be back. :D Oh man, if he is really a she I'm going to be so embarrassed! :P I was enjoying the discussion tonight... made pest control go much faster and helped me get to 100 points to get over 60k attack xp! :D

No pictures, so here's a picstory from the vault:

Z0mg, that was pre-flippers days! D: Plus that was happier times when I was a master of questing... ;-; On a happier note, that was when I felt sooooo smug for planting my Spirit Tree at 79 Farming with a Stranger Plant. :P Because I refuse to dig it up, I now have 20 spirit seeds in my bank, taking up room because they're not tradeable but I don't want to just drop them...

Graduation tomorrow and then I'll be done for a month! Pleeeease face don't die! Good night all!

Until next time...

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