Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Ajjat Level is 99

Today was a very special day. Exactly 9 months ago I formally proposed that I was going to go for 99 Attack. Before then, and after Defence, I had my whip on shared because I didn't know what I wanted to do and had managed to get from 76-85 in both Attack and Strength.

I had around 70k xp left so I hit up Abyssal Demons to get that down to about 2k and then finally herded all my friends to my house where I killed my dad to get those beautiful fireworks. As I was filming I have no actual pics of the event so if peeps do please post them!! Several clicks of my whip later and I had my 5th level 99 skill:

Wewt!! Ajjat cape FTW!!!!

As always, here are my stats as they were at 99 Attack:

I like how all my 99's touch a corner of another one. :D I also love how low my str is! Totally on purpose and totally awesome! XD My combat was 128.

First thing I did in celebration? Go do my dustie task... training str for once! Good thing I have my handy Sara Sword! Now I need to go get Korasi so I can still wield my DFS or Defender...

I also completed the last 4 floors of my prestige run in Dunj. Man it took a long time but 7-10 are done and the whole 33 floors have been reset so I am looking highly to doing some large floors with people so that I can raise tokenage for Herbicide and other skiller goodies. XD

Later on, Peeky logged in!!!! He's sort of back from his break from RS and I was soooo excited to see him! I just had to show him my cape and skiller outfit before dinner so I headed over to freeplay where I caused a scene and showed off one of his favorite emotes:

Flipper to da FACE!!!!

Tomorrow I plan on doin my warptort task and leveling my str, getting be 129 combat! :D:D

I leave you with this funny from this morning. I'm tellin ya, Yana and I think very much alike! All this played out within seconds of each other:

Good night all!!

Until next time...

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